How to Remove the Fire Wall in Fae Farm

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How to Remove the Fire Wall in Fae Farm - Cover Image Standing in Front of the Fire Wall in the Frozen Plateau

This guide will tell you how to remove the Fire Wall in Fae Farm for good, opening up access to the volcano -- and a challenging new Dungeon.

Fae Farm loves to put obstacles in front of you and the later hours of the game are no different. Once you've beaten the first two Dungeons and made it onto the Mountain, you'll discover a Fire Wall is blocking access to a new area. In this guide, we'll tell you how to get past it!

How to Remove the Fire Wall in Fae Farm - Grell Teaches you the Charm Spell

How to Remove the Fire Wall in Fae Farm

You can remove the Fire Wall in Fae Farm by feeding Grell a special meal. He'll teach you the Charm Spell which will allow you to remove the Fire Wall and it will also permanently put an end to the storm on the Mountain.

To start, you can't even get onto the Mountain without completing the first two Dungeons. When you do get up there, head all the way north and you'll meet Grell -- yet another Sprite in distress that's causing all kinds of magical problems.

As with the first two Sprites, Grell is hungry for some good food. Gather the items he needs and feed him. When you do, he'll halt the storm and he'll teach you the Charm Spell.

Now that you have the Charm Spell, you can head over to the Fire Wall blocking the way to the volcano. Use it right next to the little fire creatures and they'll permanently vanish, opening up access to the Scorching Caverns, the third and final Dungeon.

While this is the most important usage of the spell, it won't be the only time you'll need it -- the Frozen Farm is also infested with Fire Walls and you'll need to use the same spell to clear them out. But first, you'll need to learn how to get past the Orange Rocks.

That's the end of our guide on how to remove the Fire Wall in Fae Farm. Take a peek at our other guides below!


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