Fae Farm A Watery Wonder Quest Guide

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Fae Farm A Watery Wonder Quest Guide - Cover Image Standing Below a Smiling Neppy at the Bottom of the Saltwater Mines Dungeon

Our guide will help you complete the Fae Farm A Watery Wonder Quest and get a bunch of delicious goodies for your new friend Neppy.

Fae Farm has many mysteries and surprises, but some of them are bigger than others. A very big surprise is waiting for you at the bottom of the first Dungeon. Sharpen up your Foraging, Fishing, and Cooking Skills -- you're going to need to make a big meal for a new friend.

The Fae Farm A Watery Wonder Quest, Explained

The Fae Farm A Watery Wonder Quest is an odd challenge that awaits you at the bottom of Saltwater Mines, the first Dungeon that you explore in your adventures. You'll need to make it all the way down to the 25th Floor of the Dungeon.

When you get to the bottom of the Dungeon, you'll encounter a gigantic blue dragon-like creature. This isn't a boss fight, though! This is a friendly creature called Neppy. Unfortunately, Neppy is very hungry -- and it's up to you to Cook a decent meal.

Fae Farm A Watery Wonder Quest Guide - Full Quest Goals

How to Complete the 'A Watery Wonder' Quest in Fae Farm

Completing the "A Watery Wonder" Quest in Fae Farm is going to require some Fishing, Foraging, and Cooking. Here are the Goals for the "A Watery Wonder" Quest:

  • Deliver Steamed Fish to Neppy's fountain. 0/5
  • Deliver Sardine to Neppy's fountain. 0/3
  • Deliver Diced Roots to Neppy's fountain. 0/20
  • Deliver Sand Dollar to Neppy's fountain. 0/10
  • Deliver Coral to Neppy's fountain. 0/10

And here's how you complete them:

  • Steamed Fish - Steamed Fish is made at the Cooking Hearth. You'll need to use the Food Prep Table to convert Fish into Fish Fillets. You'll also need to make Fresh Greens using Arugula, Dandelion Greens, Red Chard, or Collard Greens.
  • Sardine - Sardine is a rare Fish that can be caught in the Ocean. Keep Fishing in the Ocean until you collect 3 of them.
  • Diced Roots - Diced Roots can be made from any Crop in the Turnip Family at the Food Prep Table.
  • Sand Dollar - Sand Dollars can be found at Stay-A-While Bay and the Beach.
  • Coral - Coral can also be found at Stay-A-While Bay and the Beach, although it's somewhat rarer -- it may take a few days to collect enough.

Once you have all of this stuff, head back down into the Saltwater Mines and put everything in the bowl in front of Neppy. You'll then complete the Quest. You'll get treated to a cutscene the next day -- and you'll also get access to a powerful Magic Spell that can help you solve another problem on the island.

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