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Our Fae Farm Fishing Guide will explain how Fishing works in this Farming RPG and the best way to level up this Skill quickly.

As with most Farming RPGs, Fae Farm also lets you raise Animals, catch Bugs, and go Fishing. The Fishing system isn't all that complicated, but we'll break it down for you anyway just to make it extra clear -- keep reading to learn about Fishing in Fae Farm!

How Fae Farm Fishing Works

Fae Farm Fishing isn't all that complex; you only need to focus on reeling in a Fish without breaking your line. Here's the basics of how it works:

  1. Find a Fish swimming in the water.
  2. Cast your Fishing Rod so the bobber lands in front of the Fish, similar to how it works in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.
  3. When the Fish is facing the bobber, tap left-click to jiggle the bobber and attract the Fish's attention.
    1. If you're not attracting the Fish's attention, reel in your line and cast it again.
  4. When the Fisb bites, hold down left-click to counteract its early movement. Watch the color of the fishing line -- if it turns too red, the line will break!
  5. Tap left-click when the Fish is pulling to keep it from getting too far away, and hold left-click when the Fish is exhausted to bring it in faster.
  6. Once you bring the Fish close enough to you, you'll catch it!

Keep in mind that some Fish are stronger than others -- you may need to upgrade your Fishing Rod to catch some of the tougher Fish (such as the ones you'll find in the Mountains).

And that's it! There's no moving left and right or need to use any bait. Simply cast your Fishing Rod, jiggle it to get the Fish to bite, and reel it in without breaking your Fishing Line.

Fae Farm Fishing Guide - Casting the Fishing Rod on the Homestead

Best Way to Level Up Fishing in Fae Farm

Get ready, because I'm about to blow your mind: the best way to level up Fishing in Fae Farm is by... catching Fish.

Sorry, there are no quick shortcuts or tricks to speed things up. You're simply going to have to sit by the shoreline and keep reeling in Fish until you've reached the Level you want to get to. On the upside, you can Cook or Sell the Fish you catch!

That's the end of our Fae Farm Fishing Guide -- check out our other guides below!


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