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Last Update: September 8, 2023 4:15 PM


Fae Farm Magic Guide - Cover Image Using the Bash Spell in the Floating Ruins Dungeon

Our Fae Farm Magic Guide tells you how Magic works, how to unlock better Staves, and how you can unlock new Spells to use in combat!

Fae Farm is all about Magic. You'll meet magical creatures, you'll grow magical Crops, and you'll fight magical enemies in the Dungeons. The Magic Skill is a mystery in its own right -- keep reading and we'll tell you all about how it works!

How Fae Farm Magic Works

Fae Farm Magic is split into two categories: combat magic and utility magic. Combat magic is simply swinging your Staff or using your spells to attack enemies in the Dungeons; that part is pretty straightforward.

How to Unlock a New Staff and New Spells in Fae Farm

You can unlock a new Staff and new Spells in Fae Farm by conquering Dungeons and completing Story Quests.

As a general rule, beating a Dungeon and helping the Sprite on the last level will grant you a new Spell and a more powerful Staff. Coincidentally, these Spells are also useful for tackling obstacles such as the Shade Clouds and the Fire Wall.

Utility Magic, on the other hand, is tied into your Tools. Once you upgrade your Tools to Iron, you'll have the option to spend some Mana and execute a special move. These can be major time savers as long as you don't mind spending a little Mana. Check the description of your Tools to learn how they work.

Fae Farm Magic Guide - Using the Charm Spell for Fun

Best Way to Level Up Magic in Fae Farm

The best way to level up Magic in Fae Farm is by heading down into the Dungeons and taking every fight you can. Magic is leveled up by attacking enemies with your Staff, even if you don't use one of your more powerful Spells.

Exploring Dungeons isn't just necessary for progressing the Story -- it will also get you access to valuable Mining materials and other useful loot. Go into the Dungeons as often as you can and you'll power up your Magic Skill pretty darn quickly.

That's the end of our Fae Farm Magic Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!


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