How to Destroy Thorns in Fae Farm

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How to Destroy Thorns in Fae Farm - Standing Next to Thorns in the Forest

If you're wondering how to destroy Thorns in Fae Farm, you're in the right place -- read our guide to learn how to get past this annoying obstacle!

The world of Fae Farm is in trouble. Magic is going wild and the island is an absolute mess. While there's plenty of Farming and Foraging to do, you'll also want to open up new areas of the map -- and you'll need a little magical help to do it.

How to Destroy Thorns in Fae Farm - Cutscene Using the Staff to Break Thorns

How to Destroy Thorns in Fae Farm

You can destroy Thorns in Fae Farm by unlocking a Staff; this also happens to unlock your ability to use Magic, making it doubly useful.

The Thorns east of your Homestead are an annoyance that prevents you from exploring the bountiful land beyond. Unfortunately, none of your Tools are any good at breaking them down. That's because these Thorns are magical, and the only thing that stops bad magic is good magic.

Progress through the early Story quests (as outlined in our Starter Guide) and you'll eventually get in touch with Alaric, a precocious Wizard with a bottomless appetite. Help him out with a few things and he'll help you get your very first Staff.

Your Staff is like your other alternate Tools; scroll your mouse wheel to select it and you'll hold it in your hand. You'll be able to cast more powerful Spells later, but for now, you can simply use it to whack the Thorns out of the way and make them disappear for good -- you'll never have to deal with Thorns again!

The Staff doesn't just unlock some new areas and grant you the ability to fight enemies in the Dungeons -- it's also the key to removing some other obstacles such as the black Shade Clouds and the Orange Rocks. Check out those guides to learn more!

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