Fae Farm Mining Guide

Last Update: September 8, 2023 4:14 PM


Fae Farm Mining Guide - Cover Image Swinging a Pickaxe at Orichalcum in the Scorched Caverns

Our Fae Farm Mining Guide will tell you how Mining works and the best way to level up your Mining Skill so you can quickly make your way through Dungeons.

You're not going to head into the Dungeons of Fae Farm for sightseeing alone; one of the many reasons to visit these underground fortresses is to dig up valuable Ore and Gems, allowing you to make some Money and upgrade your House. Read on to learn all about Mining!

How Fae Farm Mining Works

Fae Farm Mining works much as you'd expect -- typically, all you'll need to do is walk up to a piece of Ore and left-click on it to whack it with your Pickax. Hit it enough times and the Ore will break, allowing you to pick it up and take it back to your Homestead for Smelting.

Unfortunately, it's not quite that easy. As you progress through the Dungeons, you'll encounter progressively better Ore and Gems. These materials are not just more valuable -- they're also stronger, which means you're going to need to upgrade your Pickax in order to break them quickly.

As with most Tools, the Pickax can only break things up to a certain level; you're not going to be able to mine Orichalcum with a Copper Pickax. Your first focus should always be on making Dungeon Seals; after that, your next immediate priority should be to upgrade your Pickax so you can Mine more efficiently.

Fae Farm Mining Guide - Breaking a Rock in Hazy Haven with a Pickax

Best Way to Level Up Mining in Fae Farm

The best way to level up Mining in Fae Farm is simply to invest as much time as you can going through the Dungeons and digging up Ore and Gems. You'll need these items to craft Cozy Furniture for your House and upgrade your Tools, but they have value beyond that -- Ore and Gems tend to sell really well.

Unfortunately, there's no magic bullet here -- all you can really do is keep grinding away at building up your Mining Skill at every opportunity. It's worth it, though -- especially when you get a better Pickax that lets you Mine faster.

That's the end of our Fae Farm Mining Guide. Have a look at our other guides below!


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