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Our Fae Farm Flowers Guide will tell you how Flowers work and how you can combine them to grow Hybrid Flowers on your Farm!

Farming is a big part of Fae Farm, but there's more to grow besides Food for Cooking and Fodder for your Animals -- you can also grow Flowers! Read on to learn all about how Flowers work in this game.

How Fae Farm Flowers Work

Fae Farm Flowers work much like other Farming Crops -- you have to plant seeds and water them every day until they're grown. Flowers require a special "Flower Bed" Soil; you cannot plant them in normal Soil for Crops.

Once grown, you can leave Flowers in place as decoration or you can pick them. If you pick a Flower, the old Seeds will remain planted and a new Flower of the same type will start growing again as long as it's watered.

Fae Farm Flowers Guide - Buying Fae Flowers from Asphodel in the Elven Village
Completing the second Dungeon will unlock three new Flowers that you can purchase in the Elven Village.

Where to Buy Flowers in Fae Farm

There are two places to buy Flowers in Fae Farm:

  • Rosalind in East Town sells Red Rose, White Lily, and Yellow Tulip.
  • Asphodel in the Elven Village sells Blue Hyacinth, Green Zinna, and Magenta Trillium.

You will not be able to access Asphodel's Shop until you beat the second Dungeon and remove the Miasma.

How to Grow Flowers in Fae Farm

Here's how to grow Flowers in Fae Farm.

  1. Craft Flower Beds and place them on your Farm.
  2. Purchase Flower Seeds from Rosalind or Asophodel.
  3. Plant your Flowers.
  4. Water your Flowers daily until they're grown.

Once grown, Flowers do not need to be watered again. You can pick the Flowers and new ones will begin growing as long as they are watered.

Fae Farm Flowers Guide - Growing Hybrid Flowers Using an H Pattern
Hybrid Flowers will only bloom in an empty Flower Bed in between two fully-grown Flowers.

How to Grow Hybrid Flowers in Fae Farm

Here's how to grow Hybrid Flowers in Fae Farm.

  1. Place three Flower Beds in a row.
  2. Plant the Flowers you wish to breed on the far sides, leaving the middle space open.
  3. Water the Flowers and wait for them to grow.
  4. Once both parent Flowers are grown, there is a chance every day for a Hybrid Flower to spawn in the open middle space.

Every flower has two "genes" marked by the colored petals. Breeding two Flowers into a Hybrid Flower can make a Hybrid Flower with two different color genes.

You can then take these multi-colored Hybrid Flowers and combine them with default Flowers (or other Hybrid Flowers) to make other colored varieties. As best as I can tell, a Hybrid Flower will be of the species of one of the two parents and will be of a random color depending on the availability of the parent genes.

Fae Farm Hybrid Flower List

These are the Fae Farm Hybrid Flowers we've confirmed thus far. Remember, there appears to be some randomness in growing Flowers -- you may have to try a few times to get these results!

  • Red Rose + White Lily = Pink Lily
  • Red Rose + Yellow Tulip = Orange Tulip
  • Green Zinnia + Magenta Trillium = Black Trillium
  • White Lily + Yellow Tulip = Ivory Lily

That's the end of our Fae Farm Flowers Guide. Check out our other guides below!


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