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Fae Farm Farming Guide - Cover Image Running Through a Field of Crops on the Homestead

Our Fae Farm Farming Guide teaches you how Farming works and how you can use Fertilizer to transform your Crops into new varieties!

As the name implies, a big part of Fae Farm is, well, farming. (And, of course, you can take care of Animals, too.) This isn't your average farming game, though, and there are some unique mechanics that you've probably never seen before. Read on to learn how they work!

How Fae Farm Farming Works

Fae Farm is a Farming RPG; naturally, that means that there are Farming mechanics in the game. That said, don't expect it to work quite like any other Farming RPG -- there are some unique mechanics in play here.

First, you don't till Soil. Instead, you Craft Soil Beds and place them down on your Farm. These Soil Beds can be dismantled if you want to move or destroy them, but you don't need to till them every time you want to plant something again.

Watering and harvesting work like they do in most games. You'll need to water your Crops every day and you can harvest them when they're done. Crops will also wither at the end of the season. (Flowers don't appear to wither when the season changes.)

What's interesting, though, is that there are technically only six kinds of Seeds:

  • Turnip Seeds
  • Cauliflower Seeds
  • Bean Seeds
  • Potato Seeds
  • Corn Seeds
  • Pepper Seeds

However, those are not all the Crops in the game. Instead, you can transform each of these Seeds into a different variant for each of the four Seasons along with an additional "Fae" variant through the use of Fertilizers and specialized Soils.

Are There Sprinklers in Fae Farm?

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there are Sprinklers in Fae Farm. Take care not to plant too much at once -- you're going to have to water everything yourself!

That said, upgrading your Watering Can does come with one benefit -- like many other Farming RPGs, you can use a special ability to spread water over a larger area. This power uses up some of your Mana, so don't expect to be able to grow hundreds of Crops right away!

Fae Farm Farming Guide - Standing on Some Rocks on the Frozen Farm
Access to the Frozen Farm is one of the late-game rewards you'll get after learning how to break Orange Rocks.

Best Way to Level Up Farming in Fae Farm

Surprisingly, the best way to level up Farming is not by harvesting Crops; instead, you'll want to harvest Crops and dig up as much Silt, Sand, and other powders as you can.

As I said in an earlier section, digging things with your Shovel counts toward leveling up your Farming. Don't pass up those piles of Volcanic Ash and similar things in the Dungeons -- you're missing out on valuable Farming XP!

How to Use Fertilizer to Grow Seasonal and Fae Crops in Fae Farm

Here's how to use Fertilizer to grow Seasonal and Fae Crops in Fae Farm.

How to Grow Seasonal Crop Variants

  1. Place Crop Seeds on Soil Plots.
  2. Water the Crop Seeds.
  3. Use Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer on the watered Seeds.
  4. Any fertilized Crops now have a chance of changing to that Seasonal variant.

How to Grow Fae Crop Variants

  1. Place Crop Seeds on your Farm in Fae Acres.
  2. Water the Crop Seeds.
  3. Use Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer on the watered Seeds.
  4. Any fertilized Crops now have a chance of changing to the Fae variant.


  1. Place Crop Seeds on a Fae Soil Bed on any Farm.
  2. Water the Crop Seeds.
  3. Use Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer on the watered Seeds.
  4. Any fertilized Crops now have a chance of changing to the Fae variant.

PSA: Always Catch Frogs in Fae Farm

Here's an important Fae Farm Farming Tip: you should always use your Critter Net to catch Frogs any time you see one. It's the cheapest way to get Fertilizer.

A single Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer costs 50 Gold Florins. That will only cover a single Crop for a single season. On the other hand, you can make ten Magic Crop Swap Fertilizers for the low price of 1 Mulch (found in the Spooky Woods), 1 Frog Sweat (found from Frogs placed in a Conservatory), and 1 Ammonite (found on the Beach year-round).

You can burn through Fertilizer pretty quickly, especially if you're growing lots of Crops. Never, ever pass up the chance to catch a Frog!

Fae Farm Farming Guide - Flowers Growing on Fae Acres Farm
Once you unlock Fae Acres, you'll find that it's ideal for side projects such as growing Flowers.

How to Grow Seasonal Crops Year-Round

Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer is great for growing different Crop varieties, but that's not the only tool in your kit for growing different variants -- you can also unlock specialized Soil.

Once you make it to the Mountains and the third Dungeon, you'll start getting access to materials that can be used to make seasonal Soils. Planting something on these Soils and using Magic Crop Swap Fertilizer allows you to grow any Seasonal Crop variant at any time of the year.

Fae Farm Crop Transformations List

Base Crop Spring Variant Summer Variant Autumn Variant Winter Variant Fae Variant
Turnip Radish Carrot Beet Fennel Frost Beet
Cauliflower Asparagus Artichoke Red Cabbage Broccoli Flame Heart
Bean Sugar Peas Eggplant Pumpkin Acorn Squash Magic Bean
Potato Leek Onion Garlic Jewel Yam Azure Spud
Corn Rice Wheat Oats Rye Candy Corn
Pepper Cucumber Tomato Tomatillo Chili Pepper Crystal Pepper

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