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Fae Farm Foraging Guide - Cover Image Picking Up Cloudtop Boletes on Fae Acres

Our Fae Farm Foraging Guide will tell you what you need to know to get Azoria's natural resources -- and how you can level this Skill up quickly.

Farming is a big part of Fae Farm, but that's not the only way you're able to get Food -- you can decide to go Fishing and you can also pick up whatever you find on the ground that looks tasty. Read on to learn more about Foraging!

How Fae Farm Foraging Works

There's nothing complicated here -- Foraging in Fae Farm requires no specialized Tools with the sole exception of Grass on the overworld or in Dungeons.

You can find something to Forage in nearly every area in the game. The Beach has shells to pick up, the area around your Homestead has Grass and Berry Bushes, and the Spooky Woods has Nuts and Mushrooms to collect.

Most importantly, Forage is absolutely free. You don't need to wait several days for it to grow; you can just go and pick it up wherever you happen to find it, and there's more than enough to go around on the island.

That said, Forage does take some time to regenerate once you've picked it. Make sure to explore different places on the island to ensure that you don't waste time picking up a handful of Berries when you can get a completely full Berry Bush if you go to a different area.

Fae Farm Foraging Guide - Picking Redcurrant on the Homestead

Best Way to Level Up Foraging in Fae Farm

The best way to level up Foraging in Fae Farm is by collecting all of the Forage you can every day. Visit the Beach daily, and do your best to clear out every Berry Bush that you find.

As with Logging and Trees, it takes some time for natural resources to regenerate. Try not to visit the same area two days in a row -- there are plenty of places to explore on the island of Azoria!

We're at the end of the Fae Farm Foraging Guide. Have a look at our other guides below!


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