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Fae Farm Animal Care Guide - Cover Image Brushing a Mamoo in the Barn

In this Fae Farm Animal Care Guide, we'll tell you how to take care of your Animals, how to get more Animals, and how to level up this Skill fast!

While you'll do plenty of Farming on Fae Farm, you also have the option to take care of Animals. Combine that with Fishing and Critter Catching and you'll open up a whole world of potential Crafting recipes. Read on to learn about the Animal Care Skill!

How Fae Farm Animal Care Works

Fae Farm Animal Care may seem complicated at first, but it's actually quite forgiving when it comes to taking care of your Animals. At a minimum, all Animals demand three things:

  • Food
  • Petting
  • Fresh Air

Despite this, you can actually increase your relationship with your Animals as long as you keep them fed. It may be slower, but it saves you a heck of a lot of time!

Of course, you're not raising these Animals out of a sense of charity -- they give you valuable products in exchange for feeding them. Chickoos, Cottontails, Lunens, and Spriggans will simply leave their items on their beds, but you'll have to manually interact with Woolyhorns and Mammos to harvest their goods.

Fae Farm Animal Care Guide - Woolyhorn and Mamoo Going to Bed
Continue beating Story Quests and you'll unlock the barn -- and some new Animals to put in it.

How to Unlock More Animals in Fae Farm

You can unlock more Animals in Fae Farm by beating Dungeons and progressing the Story. Work your way through the Dungeons and continue beating Story Quests until you unlock them.

Generally speaking, you'll gain access to Mamoos and Woolyhorns in the Barn by beating the first Dungeon and you'll gain access to Lunan and Spriggan in the Elven Coop on Fae Acres by beating the second Dungeon.

How to Upgrade Your Coop and Barn in Fae Farm

You cannot upgrade your Coop and Barn in Fae Farm, but you can upgrade the feeding troughs to have a higher capacity.

Speak to the Villagers who sell you Animals and you'll see an option to upgrade the Feeding Trough for the Coop, Barn, and Elven Coop at each of their associated merchants. The upgrade will be ready the next day and you'll be able to store 10 Food instead of 1 Food in each slot!

Fae Farm Animal Care Guide - Fae Animals in the Fae Acres Coop
Unlocking your second Farm in Fae Acres also gives you the ability to take care of Fae Animals.

Best Way to Level Up Animal Care in Fae Farm

The best way to level up Animal Care in Fae Farm is to get as many Animals in your Coops and Barn as quickly as you can. Once you do, you'll want to make sure that you take care of them every single day.

Coop and Barn Animals are a finite resource -- you can only have 6 Animals in your Coop, 6 Animals in your Barn, and 6 Animals in your Elven Coop on Fae Acres. There is an absolute maximum of experience you could get if you tended them every day, so the only way to level up this Skill quickly is by being consistent.

That's the end of our Fae Farm Animal Care Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!


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