Fae Farm Potion Brewing Guide

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Fae Farm Potion Brewing Guide - Cover Image Standing in Front of the Potion Brewing Cauldron While It's Brewing Potions

Our Fae Farm Potion Brewing Guide tells you how to unlock Potion Brewing, how Potion Brewing works, and how you can unlock new Potions!

Potions are a powerful way to enhance your experience in Fae Farm. Using a combination of Farming and Foraging, you can get the magical ingredients you need to survive hazardous elements and unlock powerful abilities. Keep reading to learn all about the art of Potion Brewing!

How to Unlock Potion Brewing in Fae Farm

Unlike some of the Skills, you won't have access to Potion Brewing right away in Fae Farm. Instead, you're going to have to unlock it by completing the first Dungeon.

Progress through the story and completely clear the Saltwater Mines. Once you've done that and finished the "A Watery Wonder" Quest, you'll get access to the Potion Brewing Crafting stations in a subsequent Quest.

How Fae Farm Potion Brewing Works

Fae Farm Potion Brewing is split into two parts. First, you'll have to prepare ingredients for the Potion at a Potion Ingredients Station. Once that's done, you'll make the actual Potion at a Potion Brewing Cauldron.

Like most other Crafting, Preparing Potion Ingredients and brewing Potions takes time. It's best to start the process of making Ingredients and Potions and then do something else rather than standing around waiting.

Fae Farm Potion Brewing Guide - Potion Ingredients Options in the Late Game

Best Way to Level Up Potion Brewing in Fae Farm

As with most of the Skills in Fae Farm, the best way to level up Potion Brewing is by using the Skill over and over. Grow Fae Crops and harvest Grass to get Potion Ingredients, then brew everything you can.

Don't worry too much about brewing Potions that you might not need right away -- you have effectively infinite Storage on your Homestead. And if the clutter really bothers you, you can always sell the finished product.

How to Unlock More Potion Recipes in Fae Farm

As far as we can tell, there are two ways to unlock more Potion Recipes in Fae Farm:

  1. Collect new ingredients as often as you can
  2. Level up your Potion Brewing Skill

Based on my experience, you'll unlock new types of Potions by discovering new Potion Ingredients. You can also unlock larger sizes of these Potions by focusing on brewing Potions as often as you can.

Thanks for reading our Fae Farm Potion Brewing Guide. If you enjoyed it, why not check out our other guides below?


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