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Fae Farm Map and Locations Guide - Cover Image Fae Farm Map at an Angle

This Fae Farm Map and Locations Guide will show you the full Map and give you details on each of the game's major locations.

The world of Fae Farm is filled with all sorts of fun activities -- you'll be able to run around the island gathering Forage, cutting down Trees, and collecting various Critters and Fish. You'll need to know how to navigate Azoria to succeed, though -- read on to learn how the Map works!

Fae Farm Map

Fae Farm Map and Locations Guide - Fae Farm Map

Much of the Fae Farm Map is hidden in fog at the start of the game. Still, the areas you can access have lots of useful Shops and places where you can gather all sorts of useful resources!

How to Reveal the Fae Farm Map

You can reveal more of the Fae Farm Map by progressing the Story. Keep doing Quests and you'll gradually get pointed toward new areas!

Fae Farm Map and Locations Guide - Spooky Woods Wayshrine Activated with a Topaz Seal
Wayshrines will help you rapidly travel around the island, but you'll need to activate them first.

How to Fast Travel in Fae Farm

You can fast travel in Fae Farm by using Wayshrines. Unfortunately, you'll need to activate the Wayshrines by placing a specific Seal in them.

Materials to Craft these Seals are found in the three Dungeons.

Fae Farm Locations

Here are the key locations you can visit in Fae Farm.


The Homestead is home to your House, your Storage Shed, a field for planting Crops, and a Coop for housing smaller Animals.

Town Center

The Town Center is where you can sell your goods by placing them on the market stalls. You'll also find a number of Shops in the area.

Plains of Plenty

The Plains of Plenty is home to Azoria's ranches; you can buy small and large Animals here.

West Town

West Town is the home of Mel, the local expert in Critter Catching.

East Town

East Town is home to a handful of esoteric Shops that sell Flowers and Potions.

Verdant Valley

Verdant Valley hosts a small training ground where Villagers occasionally hang out; it otherwise has nothing else of note.

Fae Farm Map and Locations Guide - Exploring the Beach While Holding a Fishing Rod
The Beach and Stay-A-While Bay are home to unique resources that can be used for Cooking and Crafting.

Stay-A-While Bay

Stay-A-While Bay is home to Eddy, the local Fishing expert. Naturally, it's a good place to find Fish and unique Foraging items.


The Docks are home to a handful of Shops and the Tavern; you can often find Villagers hanging out here.


The Bach has unique Foraging items that you can find here; naturally, you can catch Fish off of the coast, too.

Saltwater Mines

The Saltwater Mines is the first Dungeon that you'll be able to explore; you can only enter it once you've completed a Quest for Cleo to prove to her that you're properly equipped for the excursion.

Hazy Haven

Hazy Haven is an expansion for your Homestead that you can unlock once you've learned how to remove the Thorns and Shade Clouds.

Fae Farm Map and Locations Guide - Digging Up Mulch in the Spooky Woods
You can only find Mulch in the Spooky Woods. It's also the only place to find Nuts and a good source of Mushrooms in every Season except Winter.

Spooky Woods

The Spooky Woods is a menacing (but otherwise safe) area that is covered in Shade Clouds. It's the only place in the game where you can find Nuts and a good source of Mushrooms, too, with the exception of the Winter Season.

Mysterious Grove

The Mysterious Grove is home to the Wisp Mother. You can visit here after you get to the bottom of the Saltwater Mines and complete the Quest "A Watery Wonder."

Floating Ruins

The Floating Ruins is the second Dungeon. You'll need a special Potion to survive the Miasma surrounding the area and the interior of the Dungeon.

Elven Village

The Elven Village is home to a number of Elves that have had to retreat due to the Miasma. The Elves will return (and open up their Shops) once you've cleared the Miasma.

Fae Acres

Fae Acres is your second Farm. Located in the Fae Realm, it allows you to grow special Crops. You'll also gain access to special Elven Animals.

Frozen Plateau

The Frozen Plateau is an icy mountain that is protected by a ferocious storm; you'll need to complete some Story quests before you can go up the mountain. It's home to the toughest Trees in the game.

Scorched Caverns

The Scorched Caverns is the third and final Dungeon. You'll need a special Potion to be able to endure the fiery temperatures without dying.

Frozen Farm

The Frozen Farm is your third and final place to live after you unlock the ability to break the Orange Rocks.

That's the end of our Fae Farm Map and Locations Guide, but there's plenty more to explore -- check out our other guides below!


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