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Last Update: September 6, 2022


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Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Memories Guide will tell you what Memories are, what Memories are used for, and the best way to get Memories fast!

What Are Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memories are images that show a scene from one of the company's franchises. In some cases, Memories are used to advance a Quest or further explain the lore of Dreamlight Valley.


In most cases, however, Memories are simply images of various scenes from Disney movies. These images are often collected piece-by-piece as you play the game. They don't serve any particular in-game purpose other than looking cool.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memories Guide - Moana Quest Memory
Some Memories will give you important clues for Quests or will otherwise advance the story.

How to Get Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are three ways to get Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  1. Performing tasks like Farming, Cooking, Fishing, etc.
  2. Playing through certain Quests.
  3. Finding the Old Ruler's Lost Diaries.

There are over 121 Memories in the game at launch and many of these Memories are delivered in pieces. As far as we can tell, it seems that Memories are tied to certain places in the game.


If you keep getting Star Coins instead of a Memory when you collect the colored orb, it's time to move on to another area -- I believe that this is an indication that you've exhausted all of the Memories for that particular area.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Memories Guide - Ratatouille Incomplete Memory
Other Memories, however, are simply iconic images from the various Disney franchises.

Best Way to Get Memories in Disney Dreamlight Valley Fast

Unfortunately, the best way to get Memories fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by playing the game. There are no real shortcuts here other than sheer hard work and persistence.

If you're specifically hunting for Memories, you should try a variety of activities in each Zone of the game. If you get nothing but Star Coins, move on to another area and start doing stuff there instead.


Thanks for the Memories -- that's the end of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Memories Guide! Why not have a look at our other guides below?

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