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This Disney Dreamlight Valley Money-Making Guide will tell you how to get Star Coins and the best ways to earn money in the game!

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Disney Dreamlight Valley Money-Making Guide - How to Make Money

There are a variety of ways to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley -- some of which are better than others. We'll detail all of the ways you can scrounge up Star Coins first, and then we'll tell you the best way to go about making yourself the next Scrooge McDuck.

Here's how to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  1. Sell any excess Crafting materials.
    • I recommend holding onto at least 50-100 of each item. Some Quests will require that many items in one go!
    • Do not, under any circumstances, convert Dream Shards into Dreamlight. Some Quests will require 10 or more and it can be difficult to find them. You can earn plenty of Dreamlight by completing other tasks!
  2. Dig up the ground for Gold.
  3. Level up your Friendship with Characters. (Unfortunately, this is not repeatable).
  4. Do Farming and sell Crops.
    • You can make even more money by Cooking your Food and increasing its value.
    • Coal can be hard to come by, however, and you don't want to run out. Once you get Kristoff's Stall, you can buy Coal very cheaply and Cook food regularly.
  5. Go Fishing and sell Fish.
    • As with Farming, Cooking your Fish can enhance your profits.

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Best Way to Make Money in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The best way to make money in Disney Dreamlight Valley is through a combination of Farming, Fishing, and Cooking.

  1. Farm Crops.
  2. Fish for... fish.
  3. Use the Fish and Crops to Cook food.

Cooked Food sells for slightly more than the raw Food itself. For example, Canola is probably the most profitable Crop you can grow in terms of time. 5 Canola sells for 545 Star Coins. Cook all 5 Canola into a Shake, however, and the price jumps up a bit to 566 Star Coins. Even when you subtract the 5 Coins it costs for a piece of Coal at Kristoff's Stall, you're still ahead by 16 Star Coins.

That said, it is not always worth your time to Cook. Larger, more expensive dishes are typically worth Cooking for their higher profit margins. Smaller, bulk Crops are probably better sold as they are.

I recommend you start by growing Carrots until you unlock Dazzle Beach. Then, grow Tomatoes in quantity. Finally, you can sell Canola when you unlock the Forest of Valor -- it has the best profit margin without requiring you to run around your fields 24/7. Check out the price charts in our Farming Guide for more details on Crop profitability.

We're at the end of our Disney Dreamlight Valley Money-Making Guide -- why not have a gander at some of our other guides below!?

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