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Screenshot of Merlin in Disney Dreamlight Valley, standing in the Plaza stroking his long fluffy white beard, Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Guide

There are some characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley that will need to be unlocked, but there are others that are already in the village and just need to be rescued. Merlin is one of the characters that already resides in the Valley, and is the first character you will come into contact with as you begin the game. Merlin becomes the main focal point from the moment you start the game, as he teaches you the ropes, has you do a few quests and shows you where to get some necessary tools to get the Valley back to the way it was prior to the Forgetting. In this  Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about Merlin, and how he is extremely helpful throughout the entirety of the game.

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Screenshot of Merlin in Dreamlight Valley, explaining how he can see into the future, Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Guide

If you don't already know who Merlin is, he comes from the movie "The Sword in the Stone", where he is an all-powerful and amazingly helpful wizard who takes on the task of helping a young boy named Arthur learn the fundamentals of magic. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, Merlin takes on the role of being your guide of sorts, where he not only tells you why the Valley is in complete disarray but how he knew there would be a hero coming in to save the day. 

Merlin gives you initial tasks to find the tools you will need throughout the game, which include a pickaxe, watering can, shovel, fishing pole, and even a camera to take some nice pictures of your journey. After finding all of these tools, he tells you that it is your job to restore the Valley back to the way it was prior to The Forgetting, a curse that was brought upon the village with little warning. The curse caused everyone in the Valley to forget who they are or where they come from and even caused some to get sucked away into other realms, or imprisoned behind magic barriers within the village. 

Photo of Merlin and Mickey standing in front of the Disney Dream Castle, Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Guide

Merlin will always be a main point of contact in the game, as again he is basically your guide throughout the entire playthrough. He also enchants your watering can at one point in order to help you clear away some horrible mushrooms that will block your path further down the line. Though you don't have to unlock Merlin, he does have a few quests that can become tedious and confusing for those just starting out. 

There is a quest where he will request something to eat, and from what we have found, the only thing he wants is Vegetable Soup. While that is of course subject to change as the game updates, that is the only meal that has been successful for us thus far. Merlin also gives out a lot of collection-type quests, where you will need Dreamlight to progress further. Make sure to check on your Dreamlight Duties constantly in order to get enough Dreamlight to keep up with his requests. 

A lot of Merlin's main storyline quests are based on acquiring new characters in the village, so be sure to check out our other character unlock guides in order to progress the main storyline with Merlin as well.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Friendship Level Unlocks

Each character comes with a set of bonus unlocks that you can obtain by growing your friendship level with each of them. All of them offer different things, so let's discuss each bonus unlock Merlin has to offer:

  • Friendship Level 1: Unlocks Merlin the Character
  • Friendship Level 2: Unlocks a Bag of Tricks Decoration 
  • Friendship Level 3: Unlocks an Outfit Overlay
  • Friendship Level 4: Unlocks 500 Star Coins 
  • Friendship Level 5: Unlocks the Alchemy Potion Decoration
  • Friendship Level 6: Unlocks the Magic Bag of Tricks Decoration 
  • Friendship Level 7: Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins 
  • Friendship Level 8: Unlocks the Alchemy Bookcase Furniture 
  • Friendship Level 9: Unlocks a Poster
  • Friendship Level 10: Unlocks the Wizard Hat 
    • in order to unlock tier 10, you must also complete all of Merlin's friendship quests.

That's it for our Disney Dreamlight Valley Merlin Guide. Check out more guides below:


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