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Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters Guide

September 10, 2022

By: Robert N. Adams


This Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters Guide will tell you what Critters are and what kinds of things you can do with them in the game.

What Are Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters?

Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters are adorable creatures that roam the world such as squirrels and birds. You've probably noticed them by now, but you might not know that you can actually interact with them.


Each of the Zones/Villages on the game's Map has its own unique Critter, and each Critter has several variants. As best as we can tell, different variations of Critters will show up depending on the day. These variations are cosmetic and don't appear to matter for much -- unless you're trying to collect everything.

How Do You Add Critters to Your Collection in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

You can add Critters to your Collection in Disney Dreamlight Valley by feeding them their favorite food. The best way to find their favorite food is by experimenting with items one at a time until you find the right one. Think carefully about the Critter, too. It makes sense that a Squirrel would love a Peanut (and they do) -- apply that logic to the other little animals in the game.


While the Squirrels in the Plaza are quite cooperative, other animals may not be so nice., The Rabbits of the Peaceful Meadow, for example, enjoy running away from you if you get too close. Unfortunately, it seems that some of these little guys are reluctant to take a free meal sometimes.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters Guide - Companions Screen Red Squirrel



What Are Critters Used for in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Critters can be added as a Companion once you've fed them their favorite food. You can only have one Companion at a time. You can choose your Companion by going into your inventory, then Wardrobe, and finally in the "Companions" section.

Keep in mind that Critters are not the only way to get Companions. For example, completing all of Moana's quests will unlock the optiona to have her pet pig Pua follow you around as a Companion.

Additionally, feeding a Critter will cause the Critter to give you an item from that area. For example, feeding a Red Squirrel will cause it to drop a piece of Oregano, a native spice for the Peaceful Meadow.


Our Disney Dreamlight Valley Critters Guide may be over, but we have tons of in-depth coverage on other things like Farming, Fishing, and more -- check out our other guides below!

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