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Last Update: March 18, 2023


Screenshot of Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley, where he quizzes you on his most favorite topic, himself, Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui Guide

Unlocking characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley is vital to progression and success. Maui is one of the characters you will be able to bring back to the Valley, and he comes with quite a few perks, such as allowing you to break through previously unbreakable Teal rocks on the beach, as well as bonus Friendship tier unlocks. In this Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui Guide, we will discuss how to unlock Maui, and what he can do for you and your village. 

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How to Unlock Maui in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Now, Maui doesn't come along with Moana automatically. You will need to go back through the door inside of the Dream Castle and go back for him. He asks you how the food is inside the Valley and wants you to prove it is "Fit for a Demi-God" by bringing him three 3-Star meals. These can be any 3-Star meals you currently have access to, and once you bring him the food, he also agrees to move in. You will follow the same steps as you did with Moana, and build his home, but this time, he wants to be in the water. Place it anywhere along the beach, and poof, he will teleport to the village via the Well!


Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui Friendship Level Unlocks

Each character comes with a set of bonus unlocks that you can obtain by growing your friendship level with each of them. All of them offer different things, so let's discuss each bonus unlock Maui has to offer: 

  • Friendship Level 1: Unlocks the ability to break the Teal Rocks on the beach 
  • Friendship Level 2: Unlocks a pair of Swim Trunks
  • Friendship Level 3: Unlocks an Outfit Overlay
  • Friendship Level 4: Unlocks 500 Star Coins
  • Friendship Level 5: Unlocks a Decoration
  • Friendship Level 6: Unlocks a Statue Decoration 
  • Friendship Level 7: Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins 
  • Friendship Level 8: Unlocks a Fruit Stand Decoration
  • Friendship Level 9: Unlocks an Outfit Overlay
  • Friendship Level 10: Unlocks a Large Statue of the Demi-God Maui 
    • in order to unlock tier 10, you must also complete all of Maui's friendship quests. 

How to Break Teal Rocks on Dazzle Beach

When you first meet Maui on the Island with Moana, he immediately enchants your pickaxe to be able to break the rocks to free Moana's boat. This will also transfer over to the small Teal rocks you notice on Dazzle Beach. As you level up his friendship quests, he will grant you the ability to break the large Teal rocks as well. These rocks get in the way of bridges and other areas within Dazzle Beach, so unlocking this ability is a pretty sweet bonus that comes with the Maui character.

That's it for our Disney Dreamlight Valley Maui Guide. Check out more guides below:  


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