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Image of Anna, standing in the plaza after being brought to the Valley, Disney Dreamlight Valley Anna Guide

Unlocking characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley is vital to progression and success. Anna from "Frozen" is one of the characters you will be able to bring back to the Valley, and she comes with quite a few perks when you save her from the woods she has been lost in, as well as bonus Friendship tier unlocks. In this Disney Dreamlight Valley Anna Guide, we will discuss how to unlock Anna, and what she can do for you and your village. 

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Photo of Anna standing in the woods within the frozen realm, waiting for Hanz to come back, Disney Dreamlight Valley Anna Guide

How to Unlock Anna in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Anna has been trapped back in the Frozen Realm, while Kristoff is already in Dreamlight Valley, but stuck within the Forest of Valor. It will be up to you to unlock the way to Anna, and you can do so by going into the Disney Dream Castle and spending 4,000 Dreamlight to open the door to her and Elsa's realm. The door is located on the second floor of the Castle, and directly in the middle. 

Once the door is open, and you step inside, you will be transported to the Frozen Realm, where you can save both Anna and Elsa! We will cover Elsa in a separate guide, so for now we will focus on Anna and how to bring her back to the Valley. Anna has been wandering the woods that Kristoff used to reside in, confused as to why he isn't there. Anna will ask you for a bit of help, where first you will need to chase the Fire Spirit around for a bit and put out some fires using your Magic Watering Can. Once you catch him, you will bring him back to Anna, and she will then ask you to wake up the sleeping Earth Giant to clear a path to find Elsa who seems to be lost in the woods somewhere. 

You will need to craft Stone Soup, which Anna gives you the recipe for, with 3 Stones, Basil, and Oregano. You will have to venture out of the Frozen Realm and to your house to use your stove to make the soup, then bring it back to the realm and place it on the neatly stacked rocks near Anna in the woods. Placing the soup down will wake the giant, and you can now cross and find Elsa. You will also need to use your Pickaxe and Shovel to clear a path from where the giant was sleeping.

Once you've cleared a path, you can see Elsa! But, alas, there is a raging river in between you and the Chilly sister. You will be asked by Anna to investigate the calm pond nearby, where there will be an orange ripple. Cast out your fishing line, and you will reel in Anna's magic ring, which upset the Water Spirit and caused her to become violent. Once you give Anna her ring back, the waters will calm down, and you can cross to meet Elsa, where she will give you a quest to finish off the Frozen questline and bring them both back to your village. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Anna Friendship Level Unlocks

Each character comes with a set of bonus unlocks that you can obtain by growing your friendship level with each of them. All of them offer different things, so let's discuss each bonus unlock Anna has to offer: 

  • Friendship Level 1: Unlocks Anna the Character
  • Friendship Level 2: Unlocks a Frozen-themed Door for Furniture
  • Friendship Level 3: Unlocks an Outfit Overlay
  • Friendship Level 4: Unlocks 500 Star Coins 
  • Friendship Level 5: Unlocks the Anna Bed
  • Friendship Level 6: Unlocks Outfit Overlay
  • Friendship Level 7: Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins 
  • Friendship Level 8: Unlocks a Wall Banner Decoration 
  • Friendship Level 9: Unlocks a Poster
  • Friendship Level 10: Unlocks the Anna-Themed Dress 
    • in order to unlock tier 10, you must also complete all of Anna's friendship quests. 

How to Destroy Mushroom Stumps in Disney Dreamlight Valley

After you unlock Anna from the Frozen Realm and complete a few of her quests from the friendship questline, she will give you the ability to destroy the small Mushroom Tree Stumps you may have noticed all around the village. This is extremely helpful, as there are some that block the path to other areas in the game. Plus, as you further progress her friendship quests, she gives you the ability to get rid of the large Mushroom Stumps as well, meaning you can now get rid of all of them!


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