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Goofy greeting the player inside of his house, Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Guide

There are some characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley that will need to be unlocked, but there are others that are already in the village and just need to be rescued. Goofy is one of the characters that already resides in the Valley, and is one of the first characters you will come into contact with as you begin the game. Here's our Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Guide!

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Goofy not only loves to fix things, but he also loves to fish, so naturally, you will need to seek him out from the very beginning to get your Fishing Pole. In order to do so, you will need to find the Pickaxe located in the Plaza, and break the rocks away that block you from getting into the Peaceful Meadow. Once the rocks are clear, you will see Goofy's house directly ahead and to the left of the staircase to the Meadow. Go inside his house and speak to him. From there, he will tell you he not only has lost his Lucky Fishing Pole, but that he has a stall available to get items from, so you can choose which objective to complete first. 

Goofy handing the Player their own fishing rod, Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Guide

When choosing to go to his stall, he will bring you to the broken-down stall that you will need to ask Scrooge McDuck to fix. Scrooge will fix it for free for Goofy this one time, but you will have to pay to upgrade it from there on out. Once the stall is fixed, there will be a sign to contact Scrooge McDuck in order to upgrade the stall and add more items for purchase. Then, you will need to speak to Goofy again in order to help him find the Lucky Fishing Pole. It will be right across from the Stall, laying in front of the pond. Pick it up and bring it back to Goofy, where he will be thrilled to have it back and offer you your very own Fishing Rod that he found around the Valley. Now you can fish from the ripples at your leisure! Now Goofy will roam the village once again, and give you several quests that are vital to game progression, so make sure to visit him often and level him up. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Goofy Friendship Level Unlocks

Each character comes with a set of bonus unlocks that you can obtain by growing your friendship level with each of them. All of them offer different things, so let's discuss each bonus unlock Goofy has to offer:

  • Friendship Level 1: Unlocks Goofy the Character and the Fishing Rod
  • Friendship Level 2: Unlocks a Pair of Sunglasses
  • Friendship Level 3: Unlocks an Outfit Overlay
  • Friendship Level 4: Unlocks 500 Star Coins 
  • Friendship Level 5: Unlocks the Fireplace Decoration 
  • Friendship Level 6: Unlocks the Goofy Outfit Overlay 
  • Friendship Level 7: Unlocks 1,000 Star Coins 
  • Friendship Level 8: Unlocks the Cowprint Dresser Decoration 
  • Friendship Level 9: Unlocks a Poster
  • Friendship Level 10: Unlocks Goofy's Beanie  
    • in order to unlock tier 10, you must also complete all of Goofy's friendship quests.

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