Core Keeper The Clay Caves Biome Guide

Last Update: March 8, 2022


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In this Core Keeper The Clay Caves Biome Guide, I'll tell you everything you need to know about the bug-infested caverns just outside of the starting zone.

Where is The Clay Caves Biome?

The Clay Caves biome is outside of the Dirt Biome and on the opposite side of The Forgotten Ruins biome in Core Keeper.


The Clay Caves Biome Plants

  • Grub Kapok

The Clay Caves Biome Notable Loot

These are some of the items that you can find in The Clay Caves Biome in Core Keeper, whether in chests, crates, or drops from enemies.

Larva Ring (Uncommon)
  • +21 max health
  • Part of a set with the Grub Egg Necklace
    • 2 set: Immune to being slowed by slime
Clot Ring (Rare)
  • +3 life on melee hit
  • 43-51 range damage
  • 1.7 attacks per second
  • Durability: 250/250
  • Can also be crafted at Tin Workbench

Where to Find Tin in Core Keeper

You can find Tin in Core Keeper throughout The Clay Caves Biome.

Core Keeper The Clay Caves Biome Guide - Enemies


Core Keeper The Clay Caves Biome Guide - List of Enemies

These are the enemies that can be found in The Clay Caves biome in Core Keeper.


Small, crawling bugs that often travel in groups.

Big Larva

A large version of the Larva that hates light. It will destroy any torches it comes across.


Explosive Larva

A fast-moving Larva with a glowing yellow pouch. It explodes into a pool of Acid Slime if it gets in melee range.

Who is the Boss in The Clay Caves Biome?

The Hive Mother is the boss of The Clay Caves biome.


Core Keeper The Clay Caves Biome Guide - Secrets

Core Keeper The Clay Caves Biome Guide - Secret Areas

These are the secret areas we've found in The Clay Caves biome in Core Keeper.

Larval Hive

An area with a Larval Hive Chest at the center underneath a beam of light. The chest has various loot within.


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