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Last Update: June 16, 2022


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In this Core Keeper Farming Guide, I'll tell you everything you need to know about farming and gardening, how to make a wood farm, and where to find crops!

How to Farm in Core Keeper

Farming in Core Keeper is fairly easy. You'll need to craft a Copper Hoe to till the ground and a Watering Can to water the plants. Then, simply plant a seed in the ground by right-clicking on the tilled earth with the seed in your hand.

Once a crop is planted, you'll have to wait a short while for it to grow. You'll usually only need to water a crop once, although there are rare cases where a crop may need to be watered a second time. You can have better chances of getting seeds (as well as bonus crops) by investing in Farming skills. The crops you grow can be used for crafting and cooking.

How to Get Seeds in Core Keeper

You probably have some seeds by the time you decide to start farming. Slimes in the Dirt Biome -- the game's beginner area -- are a good source of seeds. You can also get seeds by harvesting wild plants or finding them in chests and crates.

The Azeos' Wilderness biome is another excellent source of seeds. The yellow plants in that biome will give you random seeds when you destroy them.

How to Move Water

You may want to set up a farm where you don't have any water nearby. Fortunately, there's a solution -- if you dig up the ground with a shovel, water will flow into the hole. You can dig a trench to wherever you want water to be. I recommend that you keep a pool of water nearby your farms so you don't have to run around refilling your Watering Can.

Core Keeper Farming Guide - Sprinkler

How to Craft and Use the Core Keeper Sprinkler

The Core Keeper Sprinkler is a new addition in The Sunken Sea update that allows you to automatically water your crops.

How to Unlock the Core Keeper Sprinkler

  1. Defeat GlurchGhorm, and the Hive Mother.
  2. Work your way up to the Iron tier of weapons and armor. Build the Iron Workbench:
    • 10 Wood
    • 10 Tin Bar
    • 20 Iron Bar
  3. Travel to Azeos' Wilderness and farm Scarlet Ore. Smelt the Scarlet Ore into Scarlet Bars. Built a Scarlet Workbench:
    • 10 Tin Bar
    • 15 Iron Bar
    • 25 Scarlet Bar
  4. Build the Automation Table at the Scarlet Workbench:
    • 5 Mechanical Part
    • 8 Iron Bar
    • 8 Scarlet Bar
  5. Build a Sprinkler at the Automation Table:
    • 8 Scarlet Bar
    • 8 Iron Bar

How to Use the Core Keeper Sprinkler

You can use the Core Keeper Sprinkler simply by placing it on the ground. It will water all of the surrounding tilled soil in a 5x5 area as shown in the above image.

Core Keeper Farming Guide - Wood Farm

How to Make a Wood Farm in Core Keeper

Making a Wood farm in Core Keeper isn't all that hard. Arguably, it's easier than farming any other crop.

First, you'll need to till some dirt with a Hoe and prepare a Watering Can. Then, you'll need to plant a Root Seed. This will grow into a piece of wood with some leaves in it. You'll also need to till the area around the planted Root Seed -- roots will grow out of this central plant. I recommend at least a 5x5 area with the Root Seed at the center as seen in the above image.

To harvest the wood, all you need to do is break the excess roots that grow out of the center. Do not break the center piece -- it will keep growing new wood as long as there is room for it to grow.

Coral Wood can be found in The Sunken Sea biome and can be farmed in much the same way, although you'll need Beach Sand Ground for the Coral Wood to grow properly.

Core Keeper Farming Guide - List of Crops

Core Keeper Farming Guide - List of Crops

Crop Seed Crop Produced Ground Needed Found in Biomes
Fungal Soil * Mushroom * Dirt Dirt
Bomb Pepper Seed Bomb Pepper Dirt Dirt, Azeos' Wilderness
Heart Berry Seed Heart Berry Dirt Dirt, Azeos' Wilderness
Glow Tulip Seed Glow Tulip Dirt Dirt, Azeos' Wilderness
Root Seed Wood (grows from center) Dirt Dirt, The Clay Caves, Azeos' Wilderness
Grub Kapok Seed Fiber Dirt The Clay Caves
Carrock Seed Carrock Stone The Forgotten Ruins
Puffungi Seed Puffungi Mold The Mould Dungeon
Pewpaya Seed Pewpaya Beach Sand The Sunken Sea
Pinegrapple Seed Pinegrapple Beach Sand The Sunken Sea

* Note - Fungal Soil also spawns the Fungal Enemy -- it's best to grow it in a separate area away from the rest of your farm.

That's it for our Core Keeper Farming Guide - check out more guides below!

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