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Last Update: March 9, 2022


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In this Core Keeper Glurch Boss Fight Guide, I'll tell you how to find and defeat Glurch the Abominous Mass, the boss of the Dirt Biome.

Where to Find Glurch the Abominous Mass

You can find Glurch the Abominous Mass in the Dirt Biome, the game's starting area. In fact, finding this gigantic slime might be the easiest part of this Core Keeper Glurch Boss Fight Guide.


Starting from the Core at the center of the map, dig a tunnel straight ahead in one direction until you hear a rhythmic stomping sound. If you hit a tunnel covered with slime, you've gone too far -- that's the lair of the next boss Ghorm. If that happens, head back to the center and try digging in another direction.

Basically, all you have to do is explore the Dirt Biome until you hear a thumping sound. Follow the sound and you'll eventually find Glurch's arena. Don't get too close, though -- the battle will start as soon as you do.

How to Unlock Glurch

Glurch is automatically unlocked at the beginning of the game.

Core Keeper Glurch Boss Fight Guide - Strategy
Glurch is a serious step up in difficulty compared to the enemies you've typically been fighting.

How to Win the Core Keeper Glurch Boss Fight - Best Strategy

Here's the part of our Core Keeper Glurch Boss Fight Guide that you're probably most interested in: how to beat Glurch. This will not be an easy fight for a brand-new character, but it's winnable if you use a good strategy.

Preparing Equipment and Supplies

Before you fight Glurch, it's a good idea to grasp the basics of Crafting. You'll want to have a Basic Workbench, Furnace, Cooking Pot, and Copper Anvil. Set up a farm for some Heart Barries and Bomb Peppers.

I strongly advise that you prepare a ranged weapon. You'll have to travel to The Clay Caves to find Tin, then make a Tin Workbench and a Tin Anvil. Your ultimate goal is to make at least 2 Slingshots at the Tin Anvil; you may also get lucky and loot one or more from monsters you kill along the way.


Cook at least 10 Hearty Pepper Wraps (Heart Berry + Bomb Pepper). These will give you a much-needed speed boost. You may also want to make an Alchemy Table at the Tin Workbench and craft some Healing Potions.

Finally, there is a highly useful item set that you may be lucky enough to loot. Wearing the Grub Egg Necklace and the Larva Ring makes you immune to the slowing effect from slime. Unfortunately, you'll have to beat the Hive Mother to get the Grub Egg Necklace, so don't count on getting this for your first fight against Glurch.


Preparing the Arena

Once you've found Glurch, you're going to want to widen the arena as much as you can. Having a completely open area at least as big as the screen (so around 30 blocks wide x 20 blocks tall) will give you enough room to move around. Do keep in mind, however, that Glurch will simply charge through walls like all other bosses.

Strategy 1 - Ranged

The best way to beat Glurch (at least in the early game) is to use a Slingshot (or any other ranged weapon) and shoot the big slime. Use the Hearty Pepper Wrap before beginning the fight to get the speed bonus from it. Wait for Glurch to jump, then start moving out of the way. Fire after it's landed. When it jumps again, move. Don't move too early, or you risk Glurch landing on top of you.

Once Glurch gets to 50% health or so, it will get enraged and start jumping faster. Keep following the same pattern and whittle down its health shot by shot until you've killed it.

Strategy 2 - Melee

It's possible to fight Glurch in melee, but this is a very bad idea in the early game. You can only take 2-3 hits (at most) before dying -- the best way to fight is to keep your distance.

If you absolutely insist on using melee, you can use a modification of the ranged strategy. Move when Glurch jumps, hit it with 2 melee swings when it lands, then move again when it jumps again. Rinse and repeat until it's dead.


Strategy 3 - Explosives

There are several bombs that you can find in the game (and later craft). You may be tempted to simply attempt to blow up the boss. This strategy is particularly difficult to pull off and highly wasteful; it's best to stick to using the Slingshot.

Core Keeper Glurch Boss Fight Guide - Summon

How to Summon Glurch Again

After this boss is defeated, you can summon Glurch again by placing a Giant Slime Summoning Idol on Glurch's summoning rune. You'll have to buy one from the Backpack Merchant for 500 Ancient Coins.

Of course, you also have another option -- you can simply generate another world and find Glurch again. You have plenty of space to generate more worlds and you can delete the extra worlds when you're done from the options menu.

Core Keeper Glurch Boss Fight Guide - Loot

Core Keeper Glurch Boss Loot

Here is the loot you can get for defeating Glurch the Abominable Mass in Core Keeper. Keep in mind that this may not be a complete list -- there could be other loot from this boss that we haven't discovered yet!

Glurch Chest (Rare)

  • Guaranteed drop.
  • Has 24 item slots (8x3).

Glurch Eye (Legendary)

  • Guaranteed drop.
  • Used to activate the Glurch Statue in the Core.
  • Unlocks recipes for:
    • Ghorm the Devourer Scanner
    • Hive Mother Scanner
    • Slime Sword

Slime Oil (Uncommon)

  • Guaranteed drop.
  • Used to spawn the bearded merchant in a habitable room.

Melting Crystal Ring (Epic)

  • Ring
  • +9% dodge chance
  • Part of a set with Blob Rosary Necklace.
    • 2 set bonus: +13.1% dodge chance


  • Crafting material.

Ancient Crystal

  • Crafting material.

Copper Ore

  • Crafting material.

That's it for our Core Keeper Glurch Boss Fight guide! Check out more guides below:



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