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Our Core Keeper Forlorn Metropolis Biome Guide will tell you about these deadly zones spread throughout The Sunken Sea biome.

Where is the Forlorn Metropolis Biome in Core Keeper?

The Forlorn Metropolis Biome can be found inside of The Sunken Sea Biome in Core Keeper. You will almost certainly need a Boat to reach these areas. As a sub-biome, it will spawn in "pockets" inside of another biome -- don't expect it all to be in one continuous, connected piece.

This sub-biome has a lot of tight corridors. Pair that with enemies that like to use ranged attacks and you have a recipe for disaster if you're not careful -- move slowly and pick off enemies from a distance if you can.

Forlorn Metropolis Biome Plants

There are no plants within the Forlorn Metropolis Biome.

Forlorn Metropolis Biome Notable Loot

This is the notable loot we've found inside of the Forlorn Metropolis.

White Glass Ring

  • +18 max health
  • +6% dodge chance

Ancient Guardian Ring (Rare)

  • +18 max health
  • +9% reduced damage taken from bosses

Core Keeper Forlorn Metropolis Biome Guide - List of Enemies

Core Keeper Forlorn Metropolis Biome Guide - List of Enemies

These are the enemies you'll encounter in the Forlorn Metropolis biome in Core Keeper.

Caveling Scholar

The Caveling Scholar is weak on its own, but it can use its staff to heal other Caveling Scholars and Core Sentries. Take them out one at a time before they overwhelm you.

Core Sentry

Core Sentries have a devastating ranged attack. They can often be activated in groups by Caveling Scholars, and the Caveling Scholars can heal them, too. Don't be afraid to retreat and pick them off one at a time!

Who is the Boss in the Forlorn Metropolis?

We have not yet encountered the boss of the Forlorn Metropolis.

Core Keeper Forlorn Metropolis Biome Guide - Secret Areas

Core Keeper Forlorn Metropolis Biome Guide - Secret Areas

We have not yet found any secret areas in the Forlorn Metropolis.

That's the end of our Core Keeper Forlorn Metropolis Biome Guide. Take a look at our other guides below!

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