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Our Core Keeper Boat Guide will tell you how to unlock and craft Boats, a new method of transportation introduced in the Sunken Sea Update that lets you cross water.

How to Unlock the Core Keeper Boat

You can unlock the Core Keeper Boat by getting to the Scarlet tier of weapons and armor -- that means you'll have to go to Azeos' Wilderness and get Scarlet Ore. Here's what you have to do step by step:

  1. Defeat Glurch, Ghorm, and the Hive Mother.
  2. Work your way up to the Iron tier of weapons and armor. Build the Iron Workbench:
    • 10 Wood
    • 10 Tin Bar
    • 20 Iron Bar
  3. Travel to Azeos' Wilderness and farm Scarlet Ore. Smelt the Scarlet Ore into Scarlet Bars. Built a Scarlet Workbench:
    • 10 Tin Bar
    • 15 Iron Bar
    • 25 Scarlet Bar
  4. Build the Electronics Table at the Iron Workbench:
    • 8 Wood
    • 8 Copper Bar
    • 8 Iron Bar
  5. Build an Electricity Generator at the Electronics Table and place it on the ground in your base:
    • 10 Copper Bar
    • 5 Iron Bar
    • 1 Gold Bar
  6. Build a Table Saw at the Electronics Table and place it next to the Electricity Generator to provide it with Power:
    • 8 Wood
    • 5 Copper Bar
    • 5 Iron Bar
  7. Use the Table Saw to make Planks. While that's going on, build a Boat Workbench at the Scarlet Workbench:
    • 50 Plank
    • 15 Scarlet Bar
  8. You can now build the Core Keeper Boat of your choice!

    How to Get Planks in Core Keeper

    You can get Planks by building a Table Saw at the Electronics Table.

    Core Keeper Boat Guide - Crafting

    How to Craft a Boat in Core Keeper

    You can craft a Boat in Core Keeper at the Boat Workbench. 

    There are two choices for Boats: the Boat and the Speeder. As the name implies, the Speeder is much faster than the Boat, and it's well worth the investment.

    Boat Recipe

    • 80 Plank
    • 50 Scarlet Bar
    • 20 Mechanical Part

    Speeder Boat Recipe

    • 200 Coral Plank
    • 120 Octarine Bar
    • 30 Gold Bar
    • 30 Mechanical Part

    What is the Best Core Keeper Boat?

    The best Core Keeper Boat is the Speeder as of Early Access Version 0.4.1-17e0.

    What Happens if You Die on a Boat in Core Keeper?

    If you die on a Boat in Core Keeper, a floating Tombstone will be created where you died. Your Boat will remain at the location. You'll have to build bridges or take another Boat to retrieve your lost items and your Boat.

    That's it for our Core Keeper Boat Guide -- check out our other guides below!

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