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This Core Keeper Omoroth Boss Fight Guide will tell you how to find and beat Omoroth the Sea Titan, the main boss of The Sunken Sea biome.

Where to Find Omoroth the Sea Titan

Omoroth is located in The Sunken Sea biome in Core Keeper. This area is locked behind a magical wall -- you'll need to defeat some other bosses before you can access it.

How to Unlock Omoroth in Core Keeper

  1. Defeat Glurch the Abominable Mass
  2. Defeat Ghorm the Devourer
  3. Defeat the Hive Mother
  4. Reactivate the Core by placing each boss' gem into their respective statues.
  5. Talk to the Core to gain the ability to unlock the wall.
Core Keeper Omoroth Boss Fight Guide - How to Win Best Strategy
Omoroth fires tons of projectiles, so a faster Boat is a must if you want to survive.

How to Win the Core Keeper Omoroth Boss Fight - Best Strategy

As with most later-game bosses, the Core Keeper Omoroth boss fight can't start until you've summoned the boss. This battle in The Sunken Sea biome also has another unique challenge -- you're going to need a Boat.

Preparing Equipment and Supplies

First and foremost, I strongly advise that you Craft and Reinforce a full set of Octarine armor and weapons. Additionally, you should have at least two Reinforced weapons for your chosen plan of attack (whether it's melee or ranged). You'll also want to make some buff potions and Greater Healing Potions. Finally, you're going to need a Boat. I strongly recommend you invest in the Speeder Boat -- the extra speed will help keep you alive.

Preparing the Arena

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do to prepare the arena aside from killing any of the Tentacles you find in the area. It may be a good idea to place some Torches on the small island for better lighting, but it isn't strictly necessary.

How to Summon Omoroth the Sea Titan

Here's how to summon Omoroth the Sea Titan:

  1. Craft an Ancient Hologram Pod at the Hive Mother Statue in the Core.
  2. Place the Ancient Hologram Pod on the ground.
  3. Speak with the Hologram and craft an Expert Lure, which requires the following:
    • 1 Purple Bait
      • Note: you can only get Purple Bait from the Fishing Merchant, which you can unlock by defeating Azeos the Sky Titan. If you've already beaten Azeos, you'll have to fight and defeat him again to unlock this merchant.
    • 30 Spicy Bait
    • 30 Sweet Bait
    • 30 Glowing Bait
    • 30 Octarine Bar
    • 10 Ancient Gemstone
  4. Place the Expert Lure in your Off-Hand slot.
  5. Equip a Fishing Pole and fish in one of the large whirlpools in Omoroth's arena. When you get a bite, you won't pull up a Fish as you might expect -- you'll pull up the boss.

Strategy 1 - Ranged On a Boat

The best way to fight Omoroth the Sea Titan in Core Keeper is from afar. You're going to want to have two of your best ranged weapons and a Speeder Boat; the regular Boat can work in a pinch, but you'll have better chances with the faster version.

Attack Omoroth from as far away as you can. When Omoroth moves, you should move, too. Omoroth will also summon melee Tentacles that hit for much more damage than the tornadoes, so avoid those at all costs. Try to kill the Tentacles where you can so you can move around as you need to.

The pace of attacks will pick up once Omoroth gets to half health, but there are no other surprises here -- this is simply a battle of attrition. Dodge Omoroth's attacks, kill the Tentacles where you have to, and keep whittling down this boss's health.

Strategy 2 - Melee

It is possible to fight Omoroth in melee, but it is ill-advised. Omoroth puts out a large volume of ranged attacks and your health can be drained very quickly if you try to tank the damage. You should only fight Omoroth in melee if you're looking for a serious challenge.

How to Summon Omoroth Again

You can summon Omoroth again by crafting another Expert Lure and repeating the regular summon method. There may be a cooldown after you defeat Omoroth.

Core Keeper Omoroth Boss Fight Guide - Boss Loot

Core Keeper Omoroth Boss Loot

Here is the loot you can get for winning the Core Keeper Omoroth Boss Fight. As always, keep in mind that this list may not include everything you could possibly get by beating this boss!

Floating Titan's Chest

  • Guaranteed drop.
  • Has 36 item slots (12x3).

Soul of Omoroth

  • Guaranteed drop (once per character).
  • Soul - a permanent addition to your character.
  • +3% chance on range hit to spawn a tornado

Omoroth's Necklace (Epic)

  • Necklace.
  • +7 armor
  • +5% dodge chance
  • +7.1% damage
  • +10% mining damage
  • +3.5% movement speed
  • +4 glow

Omoroth's Ring (Epic)

  • Ring.
  • +13% damage against bosses
  • +3 life on melee hit

Octarine Ore

  • Crafting material.

Gold Ore

  • Crafting material.

We've reached the end of our Core Keeper Omoroth Boss Fight Guide -- learn how to fight the other bosses (and more) in our other Core Keeper guides!

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