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This Core Keeper Ra-Akar Boss Fight Guide will teach you how to tackle the giant scarab boss hidden in The Desert of Beginnings.

Where to Find Ra-Akar the Sand Titan in Core Keeper

You'll begin your hunt for the Core Keeper Ra-Akar boss in The Desert of Beginnings, an expansive desert biome outside of the magical wall that protects the center of the map.

This biome is quite expansive, so you'll have a fair amount of searching to do. It's not a bad idea to grab a Ra-Akar the Sand Titan Scanner from the Ancient Hologram; you'll have to kill a lot of Bomb Scarabs to get it, but it's worth it.

Ra-Akar's boss arena is a distinctly square structure with a tablet out in front of it. The arena itself has no hazards, but that won't matter -- this boss fight is tough enough on its own.

How to Unlock Ra-Akar in Core Keeper

Here's how to unlock Ra-Akar in Core Keeper:

  1. Defeat Glurch the Abominable Mass
  2. Defeat Ghorm the Devourer
  3. Defeat the Hive Mother
  4. Reactivate the Core by placing each boss' gem into their respective statues.
  5. Talk to the Core to gain the ability to unlock the wall.

Core Keeper Ra-Akar Boss Fight Guide - Boss Fight

How to Win the Core Keeper Ra-Akar Boss Fight | Best Strategy

Here's how to 

Preparing Equipment and Supplies

Ra-Akar is a highly mobile boss, so it may be a good idea to consider taking any items or food that boost your speed.

Of course, you shouldn't use anything that's going to decrease your defense too far, either. Ra-Akar can hit like a truck and you'll need to be able to protect yourself.

Finally (and perhaps most critically), one of Ra-Akar's attacks is effectively unblockable. It may be a good idea to bring a shield or any other items that increase your defense to reduce the effectiveness of this attack.

Preparing the Arena

There is no real preparation you have to do for the arena -- you're able to fight Ra-Akar right away.

How to Summon Ra-Akar the Sand Titan

Here's how to summon Ra-Akar the Sand Titan:

  1. Craft an Ancient Hologram Pod at the Hive Mother Statue in the Core.
  2. Place the Ancient Hologram Pod on the ground.
  3. Speak with the Hologram and craft a Thumper, which requires the following:
    • 50 Fiber
    • 50 Plank
    • 30 Scarlet Bar
    • 30 Galaxite Bar
    • 10 Mechanical Part
    • 20 Ancient Gemstone
  4. Place the Thumper on the ground in Ra-Akar's arena when you're ready to commence the fight.

Strategy 1 - Ranged

Ra-Akar has three primary attacks:

  • Ra-Akar burrows underground and bounces around the arena. He is invulnerable while performing this attack.
  • Ra-Akar summons whirlpools of sand that move around.
  • Ra-Akar fires blue energy bolts that track you.

This is a fairly simple fight as far as they go -- you can dodge the burrowing attack and sand whirlpool attack without too much effort.

The energy balls, however, can prove to be a problem. As far as I can tell, there is no way to destroy them. Furthermore, they speed up. They will hit you eventually, and it's even possible for them to hit you after you've killed Ra-Akar. It's therefore a good idea to focus on reducing the damage from these attacks and healing up right away so you can survive the next burst.

Strategy 2 - Melee

Ra-Akar can be fought quite comfortably in melee. You're going to have to take a little extra care to dodge his charging attack early, but the fight is otherwise the same.

How to Summon Ra-Akar Again

You can summon Ra-Akar again by placing another Thumper in his arena. However, you'll have to wait for the soul orb to disappear before you can summon him again.

Core Keeper Ra-Akar Boss Fight Guide - Boss Loot

Core Keeper Ra-Akar Boss Loot

Here is all of the loot you can get from defeating Ra-Akar.

Ancient Crystal

  • Rare
  • Crafting material.

Ra-Akar's Necklace

  • Epic
  • +24 max health
  • +11 armor
  • +15 thorns damage
  • 3 set - Your thorns damage is added to your melee and range damage

Scarab Harness

  • Epic
  • +52 max health
  • +28 armor
  • +31 thorns damage
  • Durability - 100/100
  • 3 set - Your thorns damage is added to your melee and range damage

Scarab Legs

  • Epic
  • +42 max health
  • +23 armor
  • +30 thorns damage
  • Durability - 95/95
  • 3 set - Your thorns damage is added to your melee and range damage

Scarab Visor

  • Epic
  • +34 max health
  • +20 armor
  • +25 thorns damage
  • 3 set - Your thorns damage is added to your melee and range damage

Soul of Ra-Akar

  • +5% chance on melee or range hit to spawn an ancient orb that follows the hit target and deals damage on impact
  • Soul - a permanent addition to your character.
  • Guaranteed drop (once per character).

Titan's Chest

  • 36 slots (12x3)
  • Guaranteed drop.

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