Core Keeper Morpha Boss Fight Guide

Last Update: June 16, 2022


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Our Core Keeper Morpha Boss Fight Guide will tell you how to beat the side boss of the Sunken Sea biome and unlock one of the best bags in the game.

Where to Find Morpha the Aquatic Mass

You can find Morpha the Aquatic Mass in The Sunken Sea biome -- this is the side boss for this zone Core Keeper. As with other bosses in the outer ring, you'll need to defeat other bosses to unlock this area first.


How to Unlock Morpha in Core Keeper

  1. Defeat Glurch the Abominable Mass
  2. Defeat Ghorm the Devourer
  3. Defeat the Hive Mother
  4. Reactivate the Core by placing each boss' gem into their respective statues.
  5. Talk to the Core to gain the ability to unlock the wall.

Core Keeper Morpha Boss Fight Guide - How to Win Best Strategy

How to Win the Core Keeper Morpha Boss Fight - Best Strategy

If you want to win the Core Keeper Morpha boss fight, you're going to want to fight at range -- and it's a good idea to prepare the arena first, too.

Preparing Equipment and Supplies

Taking a few healing potions with you is a good idea. That aside, bring the best Octarine weapons you can muster -- the sooner you take this boss down, the better. Any equipment that enhances your speed will also enhance your survivability since you can dodge Morpha's jumping attacks easier.


Preparing the Arena

As with the other giant Slime bosses, it's a good idea to open up the arena as much as you can while also keeping other enemies out. You can get pretty close to Morpha without angering this boss, so carefully remove any debris and widen the arena to at least twice its size so you have some room to move around. If you do aggro Morpha, you can run away and continue working until you're satisfied that you have a large enough area to fight.

Strategy 1 - Ranged

Morpha is best dealt with from far away, especially due to the high volume of bubble projectiles it spits out at you. Morpha will also use jump attacks like other Slime bosses, so make sure to get moving once it jumps into the air.

Strategy 2 - Melee

It's possible to fight Morpha in melee, but it might not be the best idea. Morpha has a jump attack that hits pretty hard, yes, but the real danger is in the bubbles it spits out in all directions. Fortunately, these bubbles have a limited range -- that's exactly why you should expand the arena and fight Morpha from a distance.


How to Summon Morpha Again

You can summon Morpha again by placing a Giant Slime Summoning Idol on the associated summoning rune; this is the same Summon Idol that is used to respawn Glurch and Ivy. You can buy one from the Backpack Merchant for 500 Ancient Coins.

Core Keeper Morpha Boss Fight Guide - Boss Loot


Core Keeper Morpha Boss Loot

Here's the loot you can get by winning the Core Keeper Morpha boss fight. Odds are this isn't a complete list -- you may find other items in addition to these.

Morpha's Chest

  • Guaranteed Drop.
  • Has 36 item slots (12x3).

Morpha's Bubble Bag

  • Backpack.
  • +20 inventory slots
  • +4.7% movement speed
  • +12% mining damage

Ancient Gemstone

  • Crafting material.

Slippery Slime

  • Crafting material.

That's the end of our Core Keeper Morpha Boss Fight Guide. Learn how to beat some of the other bosses in our guides below!



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