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In this Core Keeper The Mould Dungeon Guide, I'll tell you everything you need to know about this challenging zone that's filled with mold-covered zombies.

Where is The Mould Dungeon?

The Mould Dungeon is a subsection of the Azeos' Wilderness biome in Core Keeper. You'll know you've found it when you've discovered a white, orange, and blue wall that you cannot penetrate; from there, you'll have to explore the surrounding area and try to find an entrance.

The biggest danger in The Mould Dungeon isn't the enemies -- it's the mold. Mold stacks several "charges' the longer you're in a mold-infested area, and each charge slows you by 7%. You can get a total of 10 charges stacked on you, which results in a 70% reduction in movement speed.

The Mould Dungeon Plants

  • Puffungi

The Mould Dungeon Notable Loot

These are some of the items that you can find in The Mould Dungeon in Core Keeper, whether in chests, crates, or drops from enemies.

Mold Ring (Rare)

  • +13% critical hit chance
  • Set with Mold Vein Necklace
    • 2 set: Immune to mold infection

Mold Vein Necklace (Rare)

  • +23.7% range damage
  • Set with Mold Ring
    • 2 set: Immune to mold infection

Poisonous Sickle (Epic)

  • Likely a Sword
  • 175-213 melee damage
  • +2.5 attacks per second
  • +18% critical hit damage
  • +28% chance to apply poison on hit, reduces enemy healing received by 75%
  • Durability: 500/500

Core Keeper The Mould Dungeon Guide - Enemies

Core Keeper The Mould Dungeon Enemies

These are the enemies that can be found in The Mould Dungeon in Core Keeper.

Infected Caveling

Infected Cavelings are basically zombies that have been infected by Mold. They move slowly, but they'll rapidly dash forward when they attack in melee. There are a lot of these enemies in the Mold Dungeon -- take care not to get surrounded.

Mold Tentacle

This orange tentacle fires projectiles at you. If one hits you, it will temporarily paralyze you -- a debuff that can prove deadly if there are Infected Cavelings nearby.

Who is the Boss in The Mould Dungeon?

We have not yet encountered the boss of The Mould Dungeon.

Core Keeper The Mould Dungeon Guide - Secrets

Core Keeper The Mould Dungeon Secret Areas

These are the secret areas we've found in the Azeos' Wilderness biome in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper The Mould Dungeon Biome Guide - Big Dead Bug

Big Dead Bug

A big dead bug. Interacting with its face will drop the Poisonous Sickle, one of the most powerful weapons in the first Early Access release of Core Keeper.

That's it for our Core Keeper Mould Dungeon guide! Check out more guides below:

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