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This Core Keeper Portal Guide will tell you how to unlock Portals, how to craft them, and how they let you teleport anywhere in the game world -- as long as you have the necessary resources to build them.

How to Unlock the Core Keeper Portal

You can unlock the Core Keeper Portal by advancing to the Octarine tier of weapons and armor. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Defeat Glurch, Ghorm, and the Hive Mother.
  2. Work your way up to the Iron tier of weapons and armor. Build the Iron Workbench:
    • 10 Wood
    • 10 Tin Bar
    • 20 Iron Bar
  3. Travel to Azeos' Wilderness and farm Scarlet Ore. Smelt the Scarlet Ore into Scarlet Bars. Built a Scarlet Workbench:
    • 10 Tin Bar
    • 15 Iron Bar
    • 25 Scarlet Bar
  4. Build a Scarlet Pickaxe at the Scarlet Workbench:
    • 4 Tin Bar
    • 6 Scarlet Bar
  5. Build the Electronics Table at the Iron Workbench:
    • 8 Wood
    • 8 Copper Bar
    • 8 Iron Bar
  6. Build an Electricity Generator at the Electronics Table and place it on the ground in your base:
    • 10 Copper Bar
    • 5 Iron Bar
    • 1 Gold Bar
  7. Build a Table Saw at the Electronics Table and place it next to the Electricity Generator to provide it with Power:
    • 8 Wood
    • 5 Copper Bar
    • 5 Iron Bar
  8. Travel to the Sunken Sea biome. Farm Coral Wood and Octarine Ore.
  9. Make Coral Planks at the Table Saw and Octarine Bars at the Smelter Kiln.
  10. Build an Octarine Workbench:
    • 50 Coral Plank
    • 25 Scarlet Bar
    • 40 Octarine Bar
  11. You can now craft a Core Keeper Portal!

How to Craft a Portal in Core Keeper

You can craft a Core Keeper Portal by using the Octarine Workbench. Here's what a Portal costs:

  • 100 Copper Bar
  • 100 Iron Bar
  • 100 Octarine Bar
  • 200 Coral Plank
  • 20 Mechanical Part
  • 30 Ancient Gemstone

Keep in mind that you'll need to build at least two Portals for you to travel from one place to another -- you'll need double the above-listed cost to use it!

Core Keeper Portal Guide - Teleport
A Portal allows you to teleport to another Portal anywhere in the world almost instantly.

How the Core Keeper Portal Works

The Core Keeper Portal will let you travel from one Portal to another almost instantly once both Portals have been built and are charged up. The Portals do not need Power, but they need a short amount of time to charge up before they will work.

Portals in Core Keeper are very expensive items -- you could build several sets of tools or armor with the resources that are involved. It's best to spend your resources on tools and armor first and build a Portal later!

Core Keeper Portal Guide - Charging

How Long Does It Take a Portal to Charge in Core Keeper?

It takes 20 minutes for a Portal to charge up in Core Keeper. The level of charge is indicated by the lights on the Portal; you'll know it's ready once the Portal opens.

Take note, a Portal only has to be charged up for you to go through it -- the destination Portal does not have to be charged. That means you could teleport to a Portal that won't allow you to return for as long as 20 minutes -- be prepared to stick around in the new area for a while if you don't know how long it's been since the Portal was first built!

Can You Build More Than One Portal in Core Keeper?

Yes, you can build more than one Portal in Core Keeper. A Portal will allow you to travel to any other Portal.

We're all done with the Core Keeper Portal Guide, but there's plenty more to learn -- check out our other Core Keeper guides below!

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