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Our Core Keeper Monster Farm Guide will tell you the basics of farming monsters for loot and which items will cause monsters to spawn.

How to Farm Monsters in Core Keeper

There are two ways to farm monsters in Core Keeper:

  1. Hunt for monsters in their biome.
  2. Place monster-spawning floor tiles.

Fortunately, setting up a Core Keeper Monster Farm isn't all that hard -- read on to learn what you need to do!

Core Keeper Monster Farm Guide - Fungal Soil

How to Build a Core Keeper Monster Farm

Building a Monster Farm is pretty easy -- all you really need is the special floor tiles that will allow monsters to spawn. Place them on the ground and monsters will spawn on them eventually as long as you're not on the same screen.

That said, taking some time to prepare the area can be helpful. You can build traps to automatically kill monsters if you'd like, but it isn't strictly necessary. What is a good idea, however, is to place these monster tiles within an enclosed area -- dig out the ground around it or surround it with walls so you don't have to worry about monsters running loose.

You can choose to either mix up a bunch of different floor tiles in one space or have separate rooms. I personally prefer to have different rooms for each type of monster, but this is a personal choice that really doesn't matter either way.

Finally, it's unclear whether or not lighting will affect the spawn rates. You can always build electric lights and turn them on and off as needed if you'd prefer to keep your spawners in the dark.

Core Keeper Monster Farm Guide - Orange Slime

List of Core Keeper Monster Spawner Floor Tiles

Here is a list of the various Core Keeper floor tiles that can spawn monsters, what they spawn, and where you can find them.


Fungal Soil

  • Found in - Dirt Biome
  • Spawns - Fungal Enemy
    • Also spawns Mushrooms, allowing you to Farm them

Ground Slime

Ground Magma Slime

  • Found in - Molten Quarry
  • Spawns - Lava Slimes (black and orange)

Ground Poison Slime

Ground Slippery Slime

Stone Moss

Lush Moss

  • Found in - Azeos' Wilderness, Drop from Caveling Hunter and Caveling Gardener
  • Spawns - Azeos' Wilderness Cavelings

Urban Moss

Valley Moss

That's it for our Core Keeper Monster Farm Guide. Take a look at some of our other guides below!

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