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In this Core Keeper Ivy Boss Fight Guide, I'll tell you how to find and defeat Ivy the Poisonous Mass, a boss in the Azeos' Wilderness Biome.

Where to Find Ivy the Poisonous Mass

Ivy is located in the Azeos' Wilderness biome. Unfortunately, this area is behind a magical wall -- you'll have to complete some tasks to get access to this area.

Once you do unlock the new area, you won't have the benefit of a scanner to find Ivy. Instead, you'll have to search for Ivy the same way you searched for Glurch -- dig through the Azeos' Wilderness biome and listen for the thumping sound of Ivy's continuous jumps.

How to Unlock Ivy

Here's how to unlock the Azeos' Wilderness Biome and get access to Ivy the Poisonous Mass:

  1. Defeat Glurch the Abominable Mass
  2. Defeat Ghorm the Devourer
  3. Defeat the Hive Mother
  4. Reactivate the Core by placing each boss' gem into their respective statues.
  5. Talk to the Core to gain the ability to unlock the wall.
Core Keeper Ivy Boss Fight Guide - Strategy
One could make an argument that you're fighting against purple rain. Someone at Pugstorm must be a fan of Prince.

How to Win the Core Keeper Ivy Boss Fight - Best Strategy

Our Core Keeper Ivy Boss Fight Guide is here to help you with a fairly tough fight. Glurch was tough enough, but Ivy steps things up to the next level by virtually stopping your healing.

Preparing Equipment and Supplies

You're going to need the Grub Egg Necklace (acquired from defeating the Hive Mother) and the Larva Ring (acquired by killing enemies in The Clay Caves biome). This set of two items will prevent slime from slowing you down -- this is an absolute necessity for winning this fight. You'll also want to cook some Hearty Pepper Wraps (Heart Berry + Bomb Pepper) to keep up your speed.

Crafting Scarlet armor and a Scarlet sword will greatly enhance your survivability. You'll also need a ranged weapon -- I highly recommend the Grubzooka, crafted from the Hive Mother statue in the Core.

Bring some Healing Potions along if you'd like, but don't worry too much if you don't have any on hand -- the poison slime's debuff greatly reduces healing.

Preparing the Arena

As with Glurch, Ivy will happily hop on its spawn point until you get close. That reduces your options for preparing the arena. You can, however, use the boss's mechanics to your advantage.

First, build a room at least 50 blocks away and place a bed in it. If you die, you really do not want to run all the way back here from the Core.

Once you have a room set up (and you've used the bed to set your spawn), I recommend running into the arena to get Ivy to come after you. Let Ivy run into the walls to widen the arena area. Then, run away. Go back in and place torches around the outside of the arena so you can see, killing any Poison Slimes you encounter to reduce the chances of getting jumped in the early part of the fight.

Strategy 1 - Melee + Ranged

You can start the battle with Ivy off by doing some melee damage. Hit Ivy once or twice, then back up and move out of the way when Ivy leaps.

After a short time, Ivy will spawn a lot of Poison Slimes as adds. This is where you should stop using melee and start using the Grubzooka. Fire when Ivy lands, then start moving when Ivy jumps to avoid the landing.

You could use a Slingshot (or another ranged weapon), but the Grubzooka has the advantage of penetrating projectiles. It will be difficult to actually land hits on Ivy with dozens of slimes surrounding the boss. The Grubzooka is the best ranged weapon for this battle, by far.

Strategy 2 - Ranged

Rather than just using melee, you can opt to exclusively attack Ivy with ranged damage. The only downside is that the fight might take a little longer.

Strategy 3 - Explosives

I have not tried to use explosives in the fight with Ivy. That said, I'm sure it might be possible -- but remember, you're risking a lot of resources by making all of those bombs! If you fail, you'll have to start all over again.

Core Keeper Ivy Boss Fight Guide - Summon

How to Summon Ivy Again

After this boss is defeated, you can summon Ivy again by placing a Giant Slime Summoning Idol on Glurch's summoning rune. You'll have to buy one from the Backpack Merchant for 500 Ancient Coins.

This Summoning Idol is actually the same item that's used to summon Glurch, the very first boss you're likely to successfully kill. We may see additional slime bosses debut in future updates!

Core Keeper Ivy Boss Fight Guide - Loot

Core Keeper Ivy Boss Loot

Here is the loot you can get for defeating the Hive Mother in Core Keeper. Keep in mind that this may not be a complete list -- there could be other loot from this boss that we haven't discovered yet!

Ivy Chest / <missing>

  • Guaranteed drop.
  • Has 24 item slots (8x3).
  • Had the placeholder name of <missing> in the Early Access launch.

Toxic Defender (Rare)

  • Shield
  • +17 Armor
  • +24% chance to apply poison when blocking melee hits, reduces enemy healing received by 75%
  • Off-hand use: Shield yourself and reduce any incoming damage by 70%​

Poison Slime

  • Crafting material.

Ancient Crystal

  • Crafting material.

Gold Ore

  • Crafting material.

Mechanical Part

  • Crafting material.

That's it for our Core Keeper Ivy guide! Check out more guides below:

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