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If you're a fan of games like Terraria or Valheim, you're going to want to check out Core Keeper. This game from Pugstorm and Fireshrine Games (formerly Sold Out) drops you in the middle of a mysterious underground world. Featuring multiple biomes, five bosses, and a ton of things to do, Core Keeper promises to provide players with a lot of fun -- and we're here to help you learn how to play this game!

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Core Keeper Guides Hub Beginner's Guide - Game Mechanics

Core Keeper Beginner's Guide - Game Mechanics You Need to Know

Core Keeper has quite a few mechanics to understand. Fortunately, it's not too difficult compared to some other games in this genre.


Health is a measure of your hit points. If your Health reaches zero, you die. You'll leave a Tombstone behind with everything you had in your inventory (but not your Hotbar!) and you'll have to physically retrieve it if you want it back.

Your maximum Health can be reduced if you're low on food.


Core Keeper has some light survival elements -- you need to eat to stay in good health. If you don't keep your Hunger meter filled, your maximum Health will be temporarily reduced until you eat some food.

Cooked food does a better job of filling your Hunger meter compared to raw ingredients, and it provides some cool buffs, too -- check out our Core Keeper Cooking Guide to learn more!

Buffs and Debuffs

There are various buffs and debuffs in Core Keeper. Some buffs are permanent as long as you have an item equipped and other buffs last for a short time.


Core Keeper has a total of 72 skills at launch -- 9 skill trees with 8 skills apiece. Most skills will affect their related tree; for example, most Mining skills improve your ability to dig through the earth. However, a small portion of skills also gives you boosts in combat.

You can learn more about Skills in our Core Keeper Skills Guide.


Crafting is a big part of Core Keeper. You can craft building pieces, workbenches, and equipment for your character.

Check out our Crafting Guide to learn more!


Core Keeper has enemies and bosses, and that means you'll have to fight them. You have four major options for combat:

  • Melee combat - Fighting enemies with a melee weapon, such as a sword or battle axe.
  • Ranged combat - Fighting enemies with a ranged weapon, such as a Slingshot or Flintlock Rifle.
  • Explosives - Blowing enemies to bits with bombs.
  • Traps - Passively fighting enemies through various traps, such as Spike Traps.


There are four biomes and a dungeon in Core Keeper at launch, each of which has their own distinct enemies, plants, and loot. Most biomes have their own dedicated boss, too. Check out our Biomes Guides to learn about each one!

Core Keeper Guides Hub Beginner's Guide - F.A.Q.

What Happens When You Die in Core Keeper?

If you die in Core Keeper, any equipped armor will take some durability damage. Any items you had in your inventory (but not on your Hotbar) will be collected in a tombstone marking where you died.

How to Set a Spawn Point

Simply build and place a bed, then lie in the bed for a short time. When you die, you will respawn at the last bed you used.

How To Power Up the Core

You can power up the Core by defeating the first three bosses in the game: Glurch the Abominous Mass, Ghorm the Devourer, and the Hive Mother.

Powering up the Core will give you the ability to gain access to the Azeos' Wilderness biome. Additionally, each statue you power up provides three special crafting recipes.

Automation Can Be Unlocked

Yes, there is some automation. Drills can be used to mine the big rocks of ore you find underground. Unfortunately, you won't get access to them until you reach the Azeos' Wilderness biome.

Friendly NPCs Do Exist!

Yes, there are friendly NPCs. Specifically, there are two merchants that you can find in the world -- check out our Money Making Guide to learn more!

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