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Our Core Keeper Igneous Boss Fight Guide will tell you how to beat the fiery lava slime boss of the Molten Quarry -- and what loot you can get.

Where to Find Igneous the Molten Mass in Core Keeper

Igneous the Molten Mass is located within the Molten Quarry, a sub-biome within The Desert of Beginnings. This is protected by the magical wall surrounding the starting area -- you'll need to move it before you can tackle this boss.

The Molten Quarry location featuring Igneous is about twice as large as a typical occurrence of the biome. As with other Slime bosses, you'll be able to hear Igneous jumping up and down as you get closer. If your screen is shaking, you're close!

How to Unlock Igneous in Core Keeper

Here's how to unlock Igneous in Core Keeper:

  1. Defeat Glurch the Abominable Mass
  2. Defeat Ghorm the Devourer
  3. Defeat the Hive Mother
  4. Reactivate the Core by placing each boss' gem into their respective statues.
  5. Talk to the Core to gain the ability to unlock the wall.

Core Keeper Igneous Boss Fight Guide - Boss Fight

How to Win the Core Keeper Igneous Boss Fight | Best Strategy

Now it's time to move on to the part of the Core Keeper Igneous Boss Fight Guide where we help you beat this boss! Igneous is the toughest slime yet, so make sure you're prepared!

Preparing Equipment and Supplies

First things first, Igneous is a tough cookie that does a fair amount of burning damage. Regardless of your approach, you'll want to ensure that you have plenty of healing items and the best possible armor.

It's also not a bad idea to set up a small camp nearby (and, if you can afford it, a Portal.) You'll also want to bring some floor pieces to fill in lava along the way.

Preparing the Arena

Igneous' Arena is surrounded by small lava rivers and is automatically covered in lava slime from the outset. While you can remove the lava slime, Igneous will simply spawn more by bouncing around.

It's much more important to fill in the lava rivers with floor pieces. Maneuverability is key to survival!

Strategy 1 - Ranged

Fighting at range is the way to go in my opinion. Unlike most other Slime bosses, Igneous primarily has two ranged attacks -- he'll summon a bunch of fiery orbs that will float around and he'll shoot fireballs directly at you.

Igneous also has the standard Slime boss A.I. -- he'll bounce around and try to land on you. Dropping his health below 50% will increase the pace of attacks, so be prepared for the fight to get harder when you hit that point!

Strategy 2 - Melee

Igneous is a Slime Boss with a surprising amount of ranged attacks -- and that's in addition to the standard stomping attack from this style of boss. Fighting in melee will require the best armor you can muster, a lot of healing potions, and as much damage as you can muster.

How to Summon Igneous Again

You can summon Igneous again by putting a Giant Slime Summoning Idol on Igneous' summoning rune, just like you can with any other Slime boss. You can buy one from the Backpack Merchant for 500 Ancient Coins.

Core Keeper Igneous Boss Fight Guide - Boss Loot

Core Keeper Igneous Boss Loot

Here is the loot you can get by defeating Igneous in Core Keeper:

Ancient Gemstone

  • Crafting Material.


  • Epic
  • 177-215 range damage
  • 0.7 attacks per second
  • Projectiles pierces through enemies
  • 272-332 explosive damage
  • 688 mining damage
  • Durability - 250/250

Cipher Parchment

  • Use - Combine the Materials
  • Requires Ancient Forge
  • Materials
    • Ancient Pickaxe
    • Gold Bar
    • Scarlet Bar
    • Octarine Bar
    • Galaxite Bar
    • Ancient Gemstone

Galaxite Ore

  • Crafting Material

Igneous' Chest

  • Has 36 slots (12 x 3)
  • Guaranteed drop.

Magma Horn Armor

  • Epic
  • +36 max health
  • +25 armor
  • +25 burn damage applied on hit
  • 3 set - Immune to burning
  • Durability - 90/90

Magma Shin Armor

  • Epic
  • +47 max health
  • +33 armor
  • +32 burn damage applied on hit
  • 3 set - Immune to burning
  • Durability - 95/95

Magma Slime

  • Crafting material.

Magma Torso Armor

  • Epic
  • +52 max health
  • +36 armor
  • +33 burn damage applied on hit
  • 3 set - Immune to burning
  • Durability - 100/100

Scorching Aegis

  • Epic
  • +23 max health
  • +25 armor
  • Deals 48 damage to all nearby enemies when blocking with the shield
  • Off-hand use: Shield yourself and reduce any incoming damage by 70%
  • 3 set - Immune to burning

We're all done with the Core Keeper Igneous Boss Fight Guide! Why not check out some of our other guides below?



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