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Last Update: November 4, 2022 11:08 PM


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In this Core Keeper Bug Catching Guide, we'll tell you how to catch Bugs, how to get a Bug Net, and where you can find Bugs!

How to Catch Bugs in Core Keeper

As you might expect, you'll need a Bug Net in order to catch Bugs in Core Keeper. The challenge of this new mechanic is less about actually catching the bugs -- you're going to have a more difficult time finding them.

A keen eye is critical to catching Bugs. Those dancing lights you see around the world are easy to spot, but you might end up missing a worm on the ground just as easily.

Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be much of a use for catching Bugs in the game as far as we can tell; this is simply a collection activity that you can complete for fun if you feel so inclined.

How to Get a Bug Net in Core Keeper

You can get a Bug Net by Crafting it at the Tin Workbench for 8 Wood and 8 Fiber. A Bug Net does not have any durability, so you'll only need to craft one.

Core Keeper Bug Catching Guide - Dirt Biome Bugs

Core Keeper Bug Catching Guide | List of Bugs

Here are all of the bugs you can catch that we've found thus far:


  • Caught in - ?

Blue Glowbug

  • Caught in - The Forgotten Ruins


  • Caught in - Dirt Biome, Azeos' Wilderness

Green Glowbug

  • Caught in - The Sunken Sea

Ice Wind

  • Caught in - The Sunken Sea


  • Caught in - The Clay Caves (in Hives)


  • Caught in - ?

Little Death

  • Caught in - The Desert of Beginnings


  • Caught in - The Desert of Beginnings, Molten Quarry

Moon Pincher

  • Caught in - ?

Pest Bug

  • Caught in - ?

Red Glowbug

  • Caught in - Azeos' Wilderness

Sun Pincher

  • Caught in - ?

Yellow Glowbug

  • Caught in - Dirt Biome, The Clay Caves

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