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In this Core Keeper Azeos' Wilderness Biome Guide, I'll tell you everything you need to know about this deadly jungle wilderness filled with guerilla warriors and poisonous hazards.

Where is the Azeos' Wilderness Biome?

The Azeos' Wilderness biome is beyond The Clay Caves biome or The Forgotten Ruins biome, depending on where it spawned. You'll have to defeat the first three bosses of Core Keeper (Glurch, Ghorm, and the Hive Mother) and activate the Core in order to remove the wall protecting this area.

Azeos' Wilderness is an excellent source of seeds -- the yellow plants you see throughout the area will give you a random seed or seeds when destroyed.

Azeos' Wilderness Biome Plants

  • Bomb Pepper
  • Heart Berry
  • Glow Tulip
  • Yellow Plants - The yellow plants you find in Azeos' Wilderness can be destroyed for random seeds.

Azeos' Wilderness Biome Notable Loot

We have not yet encountered any notable loot in Azeos' Wilderness.

Where to Find Scarlet in Core Keeper

You can find Scarlet in Core Keeper throughout the Azeos' Wilderness Biome.

Core Keeper Azeos' Wilderness Biome Guide - Enemies

Core Keeper Azeos' Wilderness Biome Guide - List of Enemies

These are the enemies that can be found in the Azeos' Wilderness biome in Core Keeper.

Farmer Caveling

Farmer Cavelings protect their farms and will attack you with a hoe. They are fairly easy to deal with, but they might ambush you if you get complacent.

Caveling Sniper

A Caveling that has an honest-to-goodness ghillie suit. It looks like a bush at a distance, but it will quickly pop up and shoot you.

Poison Slime

A variant of the Slime that can inflict you with the poison debuff, greatly reducing your ability to heal yourself.

Grabber Plant

A flower-like plant that will ensnare you if you step on it.

Who is the Boss in the Azeos' Wilderness Biome?

There are two bosses in the Azeos' Wilderness biome: Ivy the Poisonous Mass and Azeos the Sky Titan.

Core Keeper Azeos' Wilderness Biome Guide - Secrets

Core Keeper Azeos' Wilderness Biome Guide - Secret Areas

These are the secret areas we've found in the Azeos' Wilderness biome in Core Keeper.

Core Keeper Azeos' Wilderness Biome Guide - Caveling Farms

Caveling Farm

A farm with various plants in it. Often has a nearby house, and it may have a dock over a small pond, too.

Core Keeper Azeos' Wilderness Biome Guide - Caveling Child's Grave

Caveling Child's Grave

A gravestone for what appears to be a deceased Caveling child. Digging up the X on the grave will spawn one or more of the following items:

Caveling Mother's Ring

  • Ring
  • +1.6 health every sec

Caveling Doll

  • Valuable

Small Caveling Skull

  • Valuable

Core Keeper Azeos' Wilderness Biome Guide - Temple Ruins

Temple Ruins

What appears to be an old, overgrown temple. May have one or more Ancient Chests with loot within.

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