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Final Fantasy XIV's Starlight Celebration returns once again this year, bringing festive cheer to the people of Eorzea. This time, you’ll be helping one researcher discover the secrets behind reindeer magic, meeting a familiar face along the way. In our Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 Event Guide, we’ll detail how to complete this seasonal event, along with the rewards you’ll get along the way.

Screenshot showing the location of the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 quest NPC Amh Garanjy.

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 - Reindeer Fame

The first step of Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 is available in Old Gridania at X: 10, Y: 9.4. The NPC Amh Garanjy will be standing on the stage in Min Khetto’s Amphitheatre, giving you the level 15 quest “Reindeer Fame”. Here you’ll be introduced to Laurenssen, who is researching a peculiar type of magic alongside the reindeer Blitzen.

Your first task is to gather some of the children in Gridania to help with Laurenssen’s research. 2 can be found outside the Lancer’s Guide, while the last is slightly west of the markets (the Leatherworkers’ Guild Aethernet Shard is closest if you want to fast travel and save some time). After talking to all 3 children, head to Apkallu Falls in the northern part of Old Gridania.

For the final section of Reindeer Fame, head to the Botanists’ Guild and speak to Laurenssen on the bridge. From there, talk to Laurenssen again once he moves to the eastern side of the Botanists’ Guild.

The Ghost of Starlight Present

The second (and final) part of Starlight Celebration 2022 can be accepted right after completing Reindeer Fame. “The Ghost of Starlight Present” starts with you using the /soothe emote on Laurenssen — this can be typed into the chat box, or accessed via the social - emotes tab). From there, head directly down the path out of the Botanists’ Guide, talking to the 3 marked NPCs along the way.

After talking to the third NPC, head through the loading zone into New Gridania and talk to Blitzen nearby. From there, you’ll then have to interact with the Tearful Tot NPC to the east. The last step is to head back to Amh Garanjy in Old Gridania to view the final cutscene and receive your reward.

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 reward, the mount Starlight Steed.

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 Rewards

The first reward is given directly after completing The Ghost of Starlight Present — the Starlight Steed Horn. Using this item from your inventory will unlock the Starlight Steed mount. Other items can be purchased via the Starlight Supplier NPC outside Min Khetto’s Amphitheatre. This includes the Illuminated Tree outdoor furnishing, which costs 5000 gil.

If you’re willing to help out Laurenssen some more, you can also talk to him in Min Khetto’s Amphitheatre. Each of the dialogue options will take you to different parts of Gridania as you show off reindeer magic to the various children. While there are no direct rewards for these, you do get to meet some familiar characters from Gridania and beyond.

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 F.A.Q

Can Free to Play Accounts Access the Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 event?

Yes, free to play accounts can access the event, as long as they meet the level 15 quest requirement.

Are Previous Starlight Celebration Items Still Available?

Yes, but only via the Final Fantasy XIV Online Store. This includes the Starlight Celebration 2021 Wind-up Rudy and Squirrel Emperor minions, which have now been added to the store.

When Does Starlight Celebration 2022 End?

Final Fantasy XIV Starlight Celebration 2022 ends December 31, 2022 at 14:59 GMT.

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