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Final Fantasy XIV Retainers

If you are going to play Final Fantasy XIV, then you're going to want to have Retainers. These helpful companions are essential to making money, getting minions, and acquiring items. Sadly, many players, especially when they are newer, don’t take advantage of the Retainer system, leaving them to sell off items for next to nothing and not benefit from the items that Retainers can bring back from ventures.

How To Get A Retainer in Final Fantasy XIV

To begin with, you can’t just log into the game for the first time and magically acquire a Retainer. You’re going to need the level 17 quest “Scions of the Seventh Dawn.” This can be done within a few hours of playing the game.

After you have completed the mission, simply go to Ul’dah, Gridania, or Limsa Lominsa. You will need to talk to the Retainer Vocate for the city to hire your Retainer.

FFXIV - Retainer Gear Screen

You are able to customize your Retainer, and you are allowed to have two at once. If you want more Retainers then you can head over to the Mog Station to pay an additional fee. You can have up to seven retainers in the game. When you want to summon your Retainer, you simply need to ring the bell located next to market boards in the game.

Here is what Retainers can be used for:

  • Storing extra items and excess Gil.
  • Being sent on ventures to find items.
  • Selling items on the market board to make extra Gil.

Up to 175 types of items can be stored with your Retainer, leaving you a lot of space to acquire new gear. In addition, Retainers are a popular choice for a savings account, especially for players looking to make a bigger purchase like a housing plot.

Making Money on the Market Board

Now that you have a Retainer, you can begin selling extra material on the Market Board. To do this, you will want to either place items in your Retainers inventory and select to sell the items from there or select what to add to your Retainers selling list from your inventory. Here are some quick tips for making money on the market board:

  • Don’t waste your time selling junk items; these are typically items with a low price point that are easy to get.
  • Always check how much an item is selling for when deciding on the price.
  • Don’t price gouge; we know it took you a little longer than normal to farm that Smallshell minion, but that doesn’t mean it’s worth a million Gil.
  • Check back daily if your item hasn’t sold to reprice items.
  •  If you want to make extra money fast, then go into a crafting trade; the housing furniture market is always booming and healthy.

If an item sells while you are online, a notification will pop up on your screen. Keep in mind that you will be charged a fee for the items you successfully sell. You can withdraw your Gil at any time by selecting the option when talking with your Retainer.

Sell Items Retainer FFXIV

Retainer Ventures and What They Do

Ventures are a way for your Retainers to get materials for you. You can assign your retainer to any class that you yourself have played as and equip them with equipment. You will need to have a currency called ventures that can be purchased from your Grand Company you belong to. Once your Retainer is sent on a venture, they can bring back items that are associated with that class type. For example, Disciples of War Magic bring monster loot, while Fishers will bring fish.

As your Retainer is sent out on ventures, they will level up. Leveling up unlocks higher-level ventures and better loot.  While gathering will help out a lot, one of the most popular reasons players use ventures is to try to get the exclusive minions that come from them.

Retainer Ventures List:

Class Venture Name Minion
Fisher Waterside Exploration XIV, XV, and XVI Fat Cat
Disciple of War Magic Field Exploration XX Bom Boko
Miner Highland Exploration XXII Koala Joey
Disciple of War Magic Field Exploration XXV Mystic Weapon
Disciple of War Magic Field Exploration XXII Tengu Doll
Disciple of War Magic Field Exploration XIII Minute Mindflayer
Fisher Waterside Exploration XXII Axolotl Eft
Fisher Waterside Exploration XVIII Gestahl
Miner Highland Exploration XXV Wind-Up Hobgoblin
Miner Highland Exploration XIV Miniature Minecart
Botanist Woodland Exploration XXV Bacon Bits
  • Disciple of War Magic
  • Miner
  • Botanist
  • Field Exploration XIX to XXI
  • Highland Exploration XIX to XXI
  • Woodland Exploration XIX to XXI
Odder Otter
Botanist Woodland Exploration XV Littlefoot
Fisher Waterside Exploration XXV Domakin
Miner Highland Exploration XXII Mameshiba
Disciple of War Magic Field Exploration XIV Tiny Tapir

Retainer minions are extremely hard to get, so you should expect to spend a lot of time waiting for them to be found. Retainer ventures are timed using real-world time, so it may be a few weeks before you get lucky enough to get your favorite minion.

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