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FFIX Reaper Sage Jobs

Final Fantasy XIV is full of playable jobs, with some being original to this entry in the franchise, while others are based on characters and jobs from earlier Final Fantasy titles. The latest expansion, Endwalker, brings one of each with the introduction of the DPS Reaper and Healer Sage. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to unlock each of these new jobs, and how to get some quick gear.

Endwalker Job Prerequisites

Regardless of which job you want to unlock, there are a few preliminary requirements that must be fulfilled. For starters, you must own the Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker expansion. While the job mentors are in A Realm Reborn areas that anyone can access, you cannot interact with them without purchasing the expansion beforehand.

The second requirement is that you must have a Disciple of War or Magic at level 70. This can be any battle class or job, regardless of its role. You don’t even have to progress to a specific part of the story, meaning that it’s possible to buy a level skip from the Mog Station (Final Fantasy XIV’s cash shop) to meet the level condition.

As an added bonus, once you do unlock Reaper or Sage, you’ll have a brand-new level 70 job that can almost jump straight into Shadowbringers dungeons. There’s no need to play low level content, which is a welcome relief for long-time players. However, this also means that it won't be possible to use either job in Endwalker content straight away.

Unlock The Reaper Job

Reaper is the second Final Fantasy XIV melee job to be added via an expansion, following Samurai in Stormblood. It wields a scythe and dark powers to cut down enemies, requiring management of multiple gauges to unleash its strongest attacks.

To start the initial unlock quest, “The Killer Instinct”, you must first head to the The Steps of Nald zone in Ul’dah. At the coordinates X:12.8 Y:8.6, you’ll meet the Flustered Attendant NPC. Marked by a blue quest marker on the map, completing the quest will give you the Reaper soul stone and a set of level 70 gear.

Unlock The Sage Job

Sage is the fourth healer available in Final Fantasy XIV, and the second to primarily use shields. By using its unique ability “Kardia”, the Sage can both deal damage and heal allies at the same time.  

The job unlock quest can be found in the lower Lower Decks of the maritime city-state Limsa Lominsa. Standing at X:9.4 Y:12.9 is the distinctive Sharlayan Maiden NPC, once again marked by a blue quest marker on the map. She gives the "Sage's Path" quest, which rewards you with the Sage soul stone and level 70 gear upon completion.


Equipment for Reaper and Sage

While you do get a few pieces of level 70 equipment for completing each job unlock quest, we’d recommend that you pick up a full set of higher ilvl gear before taking on any dungeons. Some gear sets can be bought from the market board, but the easiest method for those that have finished Stormblood is using Poetics tomestones instead.  

The NPC Eschina at Rhalgr's Reach X:13.8 Y:11.8 will trade Poetics (gained from most level 50, 60, 70, and 80 content) for ilvl 400 equipment, including weapons. Reaper shares Maiming gear with Dragoon, while Sage uses Healing — you might already have a few pieces in your inventory. This will help you reach the ilvl requirements for Shadowbringers dungeons, and speed up your leveling as you make your way to Endwalker.

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