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Final Fantasy XIV White Mage Class

One of the most underplayed class types is healers, as you have likely found out from waiting for dungeons to finally pop. Despite the fact that they are very much still a DPS that gets to participate in a lot of the action, there is a huge notion that all White Mages should do is focus on keeping their party members alive. Our Final Fantasy XIV White Mage guide will help you get started with the class and give tips on how to get the most out of your healing.

Healing is Great, but It Doesn’t Kill Monsters | White Mage

You aren’t just given Stone and Aero to defend yourself when you are doing story quests; these are viable attacks that can greatly help your party in a dungeon. Once you reach level 45, you even unlock a move called Holy. This attack is a lifesaver when huge hordes of enemies attack as it can stun multiple enemies at a time, giving your tank room to breathe and slowing the amount of damage that everyone’s taking.

This isn’t to say by any means that your primary duty isn’t to make sure your whole party doesn’t get wiped out, but playing a white mage is a balancing attack between being a DPS and a healer. Here are some quick tips to help you to determine when to switch from attacking to healing:

  • Your Tank is taking large chunks of damage, and Regen can’t keep up.
  • A boss is unleashing a powerful attack that will hit your tank.
  • You see a tank pulling too many enemies at once.
  • You are fighting an enemy who applies status effects.
  • Your Tank gets wiped out, and your DPS needs support to knock out the enemy’s last bit of health.

Of course, there are some areas in the game where healing will always become a priority; we are looking at you, Aurum Vale. You get used to which dungeons are healing heavy and require more attention to your party’s health pretty quickly. You will also notice that you will spend more time healing in lower-level dungeons, while in higher ones, you will be able to focus more time on attacking enemies.

You will continue to gain more powerful attacks as you level up, although they are a bit more limited than the ones you’d find by playing a 100% DPS class like Machinist.

FFXIV White Mage Battling

Managing Healing Through the Levels | White Mage

There are a ton of different options that open up for healing your party as you level, especially if you have the expansions. You start off with cure, a move that only heals a measly 450 points of health to one target. By the time you’ve reached level 50 though, you will be able to heal your whole team for a sizable chunk of health at once using Medica II. Here’s the deal with using healing spells:

  • Medica is always great for when your teammates are gathered close together, as it can heal everyone at once. Additionally, if you have access to Assize, it’s a fantastic group healing move.
  • Cure, Cure II, and Cure III are all great for different situations; you really want to look at how much health your party is actually going to use VS. the MP cost of the move, in many instances, you may find that Cure II works out better for you then Cure III.
  • Raise is always a good move to have, but it takes a while to cast. To cut down on this, always pair it with Swiftcast.
  • Presence of Mind helps reduce the time it takes to cast spells, Surecast takes care of interruptions, and Lucid Dreaming will help you restore MP.
  • Regen should always be on your bar and on your tank. This will gradually restore health as they fight.
  • Esuna can cure statues' effects that hamper skills and drain health; it’s another hot bar staple.

Moves like Benediction and Rescue can be great in a pinch but should only be used when needed, especially if you can’t communicate to a party member that you’re using Rescue on them.

Keep in mind that many of the moves you obtain will require you to do class quests. Unless you are doing these quests, you will quickly fall behind and will be missing out on some of the most powerful White Mage moves in the game.

White Mage Battle FFXIV

Lilies, Shields, and Thin Air | White Mage

Continue to level your White Mage and get some truly amazing new skills. At just level 52, you will gain Lilies and the ability to use them to heal your team. A gauge will be placed on your screen to display how close you are to having a lily and how many are ready to be used. Eventually, a blood lily will also be added to this gauge at level 74, and when it grows, you can use it for easy damage.

You will also gain the ability to create barriers that heal the health of all those inside with Asylum, and Divine Benison activates a shield that helps to absorb damage. Asylum is especially helpful to throw down in boss fights. If you reach level 80, you even get a move called Temperance which increases your healing potency by 20% while helping to reduce the damage your party is taking. There’s also Thin Air, a move that when cast reduces the cost of your moves to zero.

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