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Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary finally gives players the chance to tame their own collection of animals. In our Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary Animal Guide, we’ll go over the basics of island animals, and why you’ll want to collect them all.

If you're struggling to find certain materials in Island Sanctuary, then our gathering guide has you covered. We also have a guide going over the basics of using your island workshops.

Screenshot of Final Fantasy XIV, showing crafting recipe for a Makeshift Net.

Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary Animal Basics

Capturing Animals

While you can see all of the animals Island Sanctuary has to offer from the start, you won't actually be able to capture any for your hideaway. Thankfully, unlocking this feature doesn’t take long, only requiring you to follow the tutorial quests up to “Adorable Animals”. Making it to this point will unlock the pasture, along with the “Capture” option in the Islekeep’s Index.

To actually capture animals, you must craft and use consumable restraints — 1 per capture attempt. Different restraints are needed for different sizes of animals:

  • Makeshift Net - Small animals, unlocked during “Adorable Animals” quest. Requires 1 Island Branch, 2 Island Vines.
  • Makeshift Restraint - Medium animals, unlocked at Sanctuary Rank 6. Requires 3 Island Hemp, 1 Island Copper.
  • Makeshift Soporific - Large animals, unlocked at Sanctuary Rank 8. Requires 2 Island Laver, 1 Island Sap, 2 Island Jellyfish.

You must also have space in your pasture to capture new animals. Pasture capacity can be increased as you upgrade your hideaway:

  • 5 slots after being unlocked during “Adorable Animals” quest.
  • 10 slots after Cozy Cabin is upgraded to its 2nd tier (available after Sanctuary Rank 4). Requires 1000 Seafarer’s Cowries, 2 realtime hours.
  • 20 slots after Cozy Cabin is upgraded to its 3rd tier (available after Sanctuary Rank 7). Requires 1500 Seafarer’s Cowries, 4 realtime hours.

When selecting an animal to capture, there are 3 possible outcomes — the animal is captured; the animal is not captured but does not notice you, allowing for another attempt;  the animal notices you and runs away. You’ll use up your restraint regardless of success, so it’s best to craft multiple before going out to find animals.

Caring for Animals

Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary animal status infographic.

Once captured, an animal will instantly be teleported to the pasture. Here, it’s possible to feed animals, collect their leavings (crafting items), and pet them — the latter has no actual gameplay effect, but it’s cute. Feeding an animal will increase its food meter to the maximum, while increasing their mood based on the food you use. Each type of food also has a maximum cap to how happy they can make animals, listed in the item description:

  • Island Sweetfeed - 1 level of mood increase, can increase up to Content. Requires 3 Island Apples (obtained via apple trees using the Islekeep's Stone Hatchet).
  • Island Greenfeed - 2 levels of mood increase, can increase up to Chipper. Requires 2 of a type of vegetable (obtained via farming).
  • Premium Island Greenfeed - 2 levels of mood increase, can increase up to Gleeful. Requires 2 of 2 different types of vegetable (obtained via farming).

As long as an animal isn’t starving, it will be able to drop leavings (marked by the animal becoming sparkly, like a regular gathering node). This takes a day to happen, with the animal’s mood determining the type and quantity of item produced.

If you run out of space in your pasture, it’s possible to release animals via the Caretaker NPC. The pasture management menu also shows the status of all animals.

Once the Pasture is upgrade to hold 20 animals, it's also possible to have animals taken care of automatically. This costs 10 seafarer's cowries per day for each animal. You can choose which food will be used (these must still be crafted manually beforehand), and a maximum of 20 leavings per animal can be stored at one time.

Final Fantasy XIV Island Sanctuary Animal List

This list includes all animals added to Island Sanctuary as of Patch 6.4.

Island Sanctuary Basic Animals

  • Apkallu - Small X: 15.1, Y: 12.4. Drops Sanctuary Egg, Sanctuary Fleece.
  • Aurochs - Large, X: 14.4, Y: 19. Drops Sanctuary Milk, Sanctuary Claw.
  • Blue Back - Large, X: 26.6, Y: 28.2. Drops Sanctuary Egg, Sanctuary Feather.
  • Chocobo - Medium, X: 13.2, Y: 14. Drops Sanctuary Claw, Sanctuary Feather.
  • Coblyn - Small, X: 25, Y: 19.6. Drops Sanctuary Fang, Sanctuary Carapace.
  • Glyptodon Pup - Medium, X: 29, Y: 21.1. Drops Sanctuary Claw, Sanctuary Carapace.
  • Ground Squirrel - Small, X: 15.3, Y: 19.1. Drops Sanctuary Claw, Sanctuary Fur.
  • Island Doe - Medium, X: 21.1, Y: 19. Drops Sanctuary Fur, Sanctuary Milk.
  • Island Nanny - Large, X: 25.6, Y: 23.9. Drops Sanctuary Milk, Sanctuary Horn.
  • Lost Lamb - Small, X: 20.3, Y: 23.5. Drops Sanctuary Fleece, Sanctuary Milk.
  • Opo-Opo - Small, X: 19.8, Y: 26. Drops Sanctuary Claw, Sanctuary Fur.
  • Quartz Spriggan - Small, X: 24, Y: 19. Drops Sanctuary Fang, Sanctuary Fur.
  • Wild Boar - Medium, X: 16, 15.2. Drops Sanctuary Fang, Sanctuary Horn.
  • Wild Dodo - Medium, X: 16, Y: 12.  Drops Sanctuary Feather, Sanctuary Egg.

Island Sanctuary Rare Animals

These animals are only available under certain conditions, such as time of day (Eorzean Time) and weather. 1 will spawn each time, meaning that if you fail to catch a rare animal, you must wait until the conditions are right again. Some of these are reskins of normal animals, while others are unique and have no normal variant.

  • Alligator - Large, X: 17.6, Y: 24.1. Available during "Showers" weather between 6-9AM ET.
  • Apkallu of Paradise - Small, X: 18.8, Y: 11.9. Available 12-3PM ET.
  • Beachcomb - Small, X: 18, Y: 13. Available during "Rain" weather between 12-3AM ET.
  • Black Chocobo - Medium, X: 13.1, Y: 11.5. Available during "Clear Skies" weather.
  • Dodo of Paradise - Medium, X: 16.6, Y: 11.8. Available 3-6PM ET.
  • Goobbue - Large, Large, X: 33.1, Y. 15.7. Available during "Clouds" weather between 9-12PM ET.
  • Glyptodon - Medium, X: 31.5, Y: 11.5. Available 12-3AM ET.
  • Gold Back - Large, X: 31.1, Y: 28.4. Available during "Rain" weather.
  • Grand Buffalo - Large, X: 12.1, Y: 17.2. Available during "Clouds" weather.
  • Island Billy - Large, X: 26.3, Y: 22.8. Available 3-6AM ET.
  • Island Stag - Medium, X: 20.4, Y: 20.1. Available 6-9PM ET.
  • Lemur - Small, X: 21, Y: 26.4. Available 6-9AM ET.
  • Ornery Karakul - Small, X: 21.6, Y: 23.1. Available during "Fair Skies" weather.
  • Paissa - Medium, X:25, Y: 28.1. Available during "Fair Skies" weather between 12-3PM ET. Unlike other animals, the Paissa can only be unlocked via flying (available at Sanctuary Rank 10).
  • Star Marmot - Small, X: 16, Y: 19. Available 9-12PM ET.
  • Twinklefleece - Small, X: 22.3, Y: 20.5. Available during "Fog" weather between 6-9PM ET.
  • Yellow Coblyn - Small, X: 26.6, Y: 19.5. Available during "Fog" weather.



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