Cyberpunk 2077 Spellbound Side Job - How to Get More Money

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Cyberpunk 2077 has been out for a while, and there are still plenty of gigs to take on in Night City. In fact, there is one gig in particular that can net you a huge payout if you have the right stats and choose the right options. That's what this guide is about, so let's get into it, netrunner.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Spellbound Side Job

The first thing you have to do is talk to the fixer Nix. Since Nix doesn't call you out of the blue to start this mission, you have to look for him yourself. Thankfully, Nix can be found in one of his rooms at the Afterlife bar. Talk to him and he'll ask for your help to purchase a spellbook, a piece of tech holding old and highly classified information from before the Great Network Crash. It seems shady, which is why Nix will send you out as a middleman, giving you the seller's contact information and promising to pay you back along with some interest.

The next step in the quest is simple. Call the contact, named R3N0, and you'll set up a meeting for the exchange. She'll demand that you pay upfront before any info is given. Agree and you'll be given a waypoint on the map to a public cafe.

Once there, you'll meet R3N0, and right next to her will be a suitcase sitting on a countertop. From here, you'll have three options.

Shoot R3N0 and Hack the Case: You can be a total asshole and just hack the suitcase, which will give you the location of the spellbook. You'll need 9 Tech in order to do this. Doing so will cause R3N0 to pull a weapon, the entire cafe to panic, and the police to show up. Survive the shootout and you can go collect your prize for Nix.

Pay R3N0: You can just be professional and pay R3N0 the price she demands. For 7,300 eddies, she'll forward you a drop-off point for the spellbook. Go pick it up and you're done.

Get R3N0 To Drop Her Asking Price: You'll only get this option if you took the Corpo lifepath. Choosing this option will allow you to poke holes in R3N0's professional facade, and dress down just how much she didn't think this meet up completely through. By doing this, you drop her asking price down to 1,800 eddies. Pay and you'll get the drop-off point for the spellbook.

An image of a Legendary blueprint
Oh the stuff you can wreck with this in your cyberdeck

Cracking the Spellbook. Getting the Epic System Reset

Once you have the spellbook, you can just deliver it to Nix as promised... or you can crack the encryption on the thing and get some secrets. If you do so, be sure to save your game first since you'll only have one shot at cracking it. Pull it off and you'll get access to a blueprint for a Legendary quick hack called System Reset. The key to this is cracking the case will grant you the recipe but not the means to build it. The best way of doing so is by completely the Kold Mirage side gig. You should receive this as a mission reward. If you have a hacker build, this is a must-have.

Spellbound Side Job - How to Get the Most Money

Once you return to Nix, you have one last branching choice here.

Accept Nix's Payment: After you explain the situation to Nix, he'll find a way to talk down his payout to you. You'll get back what you paid to R3N0, plus a little extra.

Convince Nix to Triple His Payout: You'll need 12 Intelligence to get this choice. Choosing this option will allow you to use Nix's own words against him and renegotiate a better payout. You know full well how precious the spellbook is to netrunners, and you know it's worth a lot more than what Nix is paying. He'll warn you never to pull such a move on him again, but he'll pay you 16,000 eddies in the end.

And that's the Spellbound quest. Do everything right with the right stats and lifepaths, and you'll get a Legendary blueprint and about 15k without firing a single shot. Now that's preem.

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