Cyberpunk 2077 I Walk The Line Choice - NetWatch or Voodoo Boys?

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The Cyberpunk 2077 I Walk The Line Job is one of the main story missions that V needs to complete to find the help he needs. You'll be working for the Voodoo Boys and breaking into the Grand Imperial Mall to get some information from NetWatch. You'll be faced with a choice at the end of this job, which impacts the following mission. If you need help with the I Walk The Line Choice, that's at the end of this guide.

Start by heading over to the GIM after leaving Placide, and meet his two lackey's out front, who will point you to the best entry point. You'll want to head down the ramp towards the garage, and duck behind the blue car that's on its side.

Continue on for what is essentially an I Walk The Line stealth guide. If you want to go loud, that's perfectly fine, but stealthing this mission can be challenging!

I Walk The Line Stealth Guide Step 1

You'll see 3 enemies talking, but they won't move unless you make them. Look to your left and overload the generator to make one break off, so you can grab him and incapacitate him. Head back behind the blue car and use "Distract Enemies" on the broken down red car to incapacitate the next enemy, leaving the final one to be easily dispatched.

Continue moving forward, but stick to the right; you'll be able to hang out behind a dumpster for a moment or two, then the two enemies on bikes will head out, leaving you to move forward to the entry point.

I Walk The Line Stealth Guide Step 2

Stick to the right, and move into the open loading dock. You'll see some scaffolding you can climb up. Do so, but don't climb all the way into the hallway yet. Wait for the enemy to turn his back, and then you can incapacitate him and move on.

This is where the 10 Technical Skill really helps. Head down the hall and open the gate, to bypass a few enemies that are in your way. Head up the stairs, and then head to the right towards an escalator. There's an enemy there, quickly incapacitate him before you're seen, you can dump his body on the escalator to prevent it being found.

I Walk The Line Stealth Guide Step 3

In the room to the right, you can creep up behind the two sleeping enemies to incapacitate them. Note that the one on your left as you enter can bug out if you're too close the wall, and it will alert the guy outside. You can still take him down, but it is a bit annoying! Technically you CAN skip them all, but you'll miss out on easy stealth experience!

Head through the next room, and your only option is to head out into the Atrium. You can do so quickly and quietly if you stay to the right and head up the stairs in front of you.

You'll see a gap between the side you're on, and where you need to be, but if you time it right you can cross on the right side without any issue. Head down the stairs on your left, and you'll see the van you need to jack into.

I Walk The Line Stealth Guide Step 4

This is where you figure out why the heck you're in the Grand Imperial Mall. NetWatch has been watching the Voodoo boys, and Placide wants you to find the NetRunner who is using the van, and take him out.

Quickly turn around and head back up the stairs you just came from, but you'll be blocked off and need a new way back up. On both sides of the gap you had to cross, there are elevator shafts. Ideally, make your way to the one closest to you (on the left), but beware the roaming enemy that drops down from the other side before you climb up.

Climb up, then dispatch the enemy near you, but DON'T follow the way the game tries to send you. Head back towards the stairs you took to reach the van, but continue going. Now you'll need to take on, or stealth past, Sasquatch.

I Walk The Line Stealth Guide Step 5

Stealthing past Sasquatch can take some time. You'll need to slowly move across the room, and onto the next section in order to proceed, but if you have 8 RAM in your Cyberdeck, you can reboot their optics and slip right past with the Rare version of "Reboot Optics." None of the "Distract Enemy" options around you work, as an FYI.

You map marker will still say "Deal with Sasquatch," but you can move forward into the cinema.

Nice work, you've stealthed your way to the NetRunner!

I Walk The Line NetWatch Agent Choice

The moment you walk into the control room for the cinema, the NetWatch Agent will turn around. Without going into too much detail, you're going to be forced to make a decision.

Cyberpunk 2077 I Walk The Line Choice - NetWatch or Voodoo Boys?

The Netrunner says that if you don't work with him, that the Voodoo boys are just going to kill V once they're done with him. If you help him, he'll let Brigitte go.

Here's what happens with each choice in I Walk The Line:

  • Work With The NetRunner (Betray Voodoo Boys): The NetWatch agent will let you go, and even remove the bug the Voodoo boys put into V's tech that will "kill" you after helping the Voodoo Boys. All the Animals you left alive won't attack you as you leave, and you'll get a call from Placide shortly after stepping out of the booth. You'll head back to Placide, and he'll be pissed at you, but Brigitte is willing to help you. NetWatch will be watching the Voodoo Boys, which has some consequences in the next mission in the form of an additional combat that isn't needed if you side with the Voodoo Boys.
  • Don't Work With The Netrunner (Side With Voodoo Boys): The Netrunner and his other NetWatch agents will be taken care of by the bug Placide infected V with, but with the aftereffect of also being used on V after he jacks into the NetWatch network. One of Placide's lackeys will take you right to Placide, clearly shaken by the fact that you're alive. Brigitte will be angry at Placide for harming you, and will offer her help. The next mission has no extra combat.

After making your decision, make sure to snag the mod that's in the case before you leave the booth. Either way, you're headed back to Placide.

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