Cyberpunk 2077 - Reported Crime: Comrade Red

Last Update: December 21, 2020


Comrade Red

It's no secret that Cyberpunk 2077 is loaded with bugs. This spreads from the harmless audio glitches and small movement issues to the more serious. The Comrade Red Reported Crime is one of the more harmless issues, but there's an easy trick to solve it. I imagine you're here for that reason, so if you are, scroll down a bit. If you get caught anywhere else, make your way through it for a quick solution.

Comrade Red
The crime is found here

Reported Crime: Comrade Red Start

Comrade Red starts in the middle of the desert, near a stranded RV. On the small minimap in the top corner, you'll find a blue mark that is pointed directly at the vehicle itself. 


Climb on top of it via a nearby ladder to find a man crawled up on top. Loot him and the quest will change, telling you to search the surrounding area. Do so. The area is fairly large surrounded by an orange square that enveloped the vehicle. Located to the side, you will find a set of stairs that lead down to a bunker. Next to the door to the bunker is a hackable spot to breach. It has no bearing over the quest but is worth looting for the eddies. The door will be unlocked and shouldn't require anything special to get inside 

Fixing the Comrade Red Glitch

Located on the table in the middle of the room will be a woman who you can't interact with. The minimap shows she is interactable, but doing so becomes a bit of a hassle. There are two main things you should do to fix this. 

The first thing you should do is activate your sight to figure what part of her you can interact with. A small yellow magnifying glass will appear just above her right foot. This is where you can interact with. Unfortunately, it's not possible just yet. 


To solve this, you have to look at the right spot and stand in the right spot. There is a small chair beside her right foot that you can stand on. Stand on that and look around at her foot. You may have to crouch to do so. Align yourself with the image below to collect the shard and finish the mission. It has been pointed out there are a few other ways of fixing this. Standing on their head and looking at their feet is another way of fixing it. The key is persistence, just keep trying and you'll find the best spot. If this has helped or you're stuck elsewhere, feel free to let us know.

Comrade Red
And that's what you have to do

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