Cyberpunk 2077 - How to Get All Johnny Silverhand Items for Breathtaking Achievement

Last Update: December 13, 2020


johnny silverhand items

Whether you think Johnny Silverhand looks pretty rad in Cyberpunk 2077 or you're just an achievement hound, you can get every piece of clothing Johnny is wearing. So follow below if you want to channel your inner Samurai.

Collecting everything below will also give you the Breathtaking achievement for Cyberpunk 2077


How to Get Johnny Silverhand's Gun

Playing through Johnny's memories, you probably noticed just how much of a powerhouse Johnny Silverhand's gun is. Lucky for you, you'll have a chance to get it for yourself as V. At the end of the Chippin' In side job, the gun will be on the ground in front of Grayson. Just pick it up and Johnny Silverhand's Gun will be yours. For the curious, Johnny's gun is a Malorian Arms 3516.

johnny silverhand gun Malorian Arms 3516
Right there at Grayson's feet.

How to Get Johnny Silverhand's Aviators

These are actually some of the easiest to get in the Chippin In side job, which opens up after the Tapeworm side job. The Tapeworm side job will show up near the end of Act II after you complete some of the main story quests. During Chippin In, you'll be given Johnny Silverhand's Aviators.

How to Get Johnny Silverhand's Shirt

Also tied to the Tapeworm side job, you'll get Johnny Silverhand's shirt automatically while doing the quest. 

How to Get Johnny Silverhand's Jacket

This is the jacket you'll have seen in all of the advertising for Cyberpunk 2077. It's the one on the cover art of the game as well. Luckily, it's easy to get if you want it. To get the Samurai Jacket, all you need to do is the Chippin In side job and you'll receive it automatically. 

How to Get Johnny Silverhand's Car

Johnny SIlverhand's Car is a cyberpunked Porsche 911, which you also see in those memories with Johnny. To get the Porsche 911, you just have to do the Chippin In side job. At the end, you'll have the choice to kill or spare Grayson. If you choose to spare him, he'll give you a keycard and tell you to go unlock a container for a special surprise. That surprise is the Porsche 911.

If you choose to kill Grayson, you can still get the Porsche 911, but it isn't exactly spelled out for you. You can loot the keycard from Grayson, and then you'll have to make your way over lower the cargo container with the Porsche 911 in it. Then it's all yours.


johnny silverhand car
Take a look at where this is on the minimap. Go left down the stairs from where Grayson is and there will be a ladder up to this. Turn it on and it will lower a shipping crate with the Porsche 911 inside.

How to Get Johnny Silverhand's Pants

You can even wear the same pants as Johnny Silverhand. To get Johnny Silverhand's Trousers, you need to do the Psychofan Gig. The Psychofan Gig is in the southeastern portion of The Glen in Heywood. On the gig, make sure to make your way to the bedroom upstairs and look at the suitcase. You'll find Johnny Silverhand's Trousers inside.

How to Get Johnny Silverhand's Shoes

Johnny Silverhand's Shoes can also be found in a gig. This time, You'll need to do the Family Heirloom gig, which is located in the southeastern portion of Charter Hill in Westbrook. If you don't have it on your map yet, you'll need to work on your street cred. The gig unlocks once you get to level 38.


Once done, you should have bagged the Breathtaking achievement and some awesome loot to go with it. Not to mention and pretty fun car to drive around in Night City with the Porsche 911.

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