Cyberpunk 2077 Delamain Core: What to do for "Don't Lose Your Mind" Side Job

Last Update: December 16, 2020


Delamain Core Mission

Shortly after beginning Act 2 of Cyberpunk 2077, you'll need to get your car back in the Human Nature quest, but quickly lose it again due to a rogue Delamain car deciding that it was better off as scrap. As part of this, you'll receive the "Tune Up" quest to go and talk with Delamain at Delamain HQ for compensation. Long story short, you'll need to hunt down some of Delamain's taxi's gone rogue, either bringing them back to HQ or remotely resetting them so Delamain can bring them back.

After completing the Epistrophy Side Job, you'll later receive the "Don't Lose Your Mind" Side Job, which leads to a decision with 3 different options, detailed below.


Cyberpunk 2077 Epistrophy Side Job

This gig is pretty simple: you'll need to get into range of a few of Delamain's missing taxi's, and convince them to let you reboot them so the main AI can take over and return them to the shop. Some are violent, some just need some reassurance, but at the end you'll earn a pretty penny for each one as well as a nice chunk of Street Cred. Each quest will appear as an individual gig, which once selected will bring you to the right general vicinity of each taxi. Complete them all and earn a nice reward.

  • Epistrophy: Badlands
  • Epistrophy: Coastview
  • Epistrophy: Northside
  • Epistrophy: North Oak
  • Epistrophy: Rancho Coronado
  • Epistrophy: The Glen
  • Epistrophy: Wellspring

This is also a GREAT opportunity to collect fast travel points early into the game.

Once completing these side gigs, there's no "next quest." You won't hear from Delamain for a good while, although he'll text you about potentially discovering the cause of the splits—simply reply and go on your way. Once you do hear from Delamain though, you'll receive a new side gig, "Don't Lose Your Mind."


Delamain Reaches Out
That can't be good, but oh well!

Cyberpunk 2077 "Don't Lose Your Mind" Side Job - What To Do With The Delamain Core

Taking on the mission will send you back to Delamain HQ, where you'll find that all of the bots and machinery have gone haywire. Run around the back and climb on the roof to drop into the building, then maneuver your way around deadly electricity and laser-wielding bots to make your way to the core. There's plenty of items and shards to pick up along the way, but no other objectives than getting to the control room.

How to get to the core in "Don't Lose Your Mind"

This can be a bit tricky to figure out. Once you step into the machine shop/garage, you'll have a drone right in front of you that's shooting a laser at the door. You need to get to the steps straight ahead, but electricity is an instant kill, so you can't just run over. Take out the drone, and enter the door to your left.


Once inside, you'll see two drones (you can destroy if you'd like) and a car going up and down on some machinery to your left. Climb onto the car, and you'll see a ledge you can hop to, followed by another you'll need to hop to that has a hole in the wall. Climb through that hole and you'll be on the stairs.

Climb up the stairs and destroy the two drones in your path, then enter the small room to the left as you cross the bridge. You'll find a small retractable floor hatch, which you'll want to open and drop down. Move over to the car and push it out of the way, then open another hatch on the floor to proceed.


Follow the tunnel underneath the shop until you're led to a room with way too many laser than necessary, and open the hatch and climb up. You won't take any damage, so don't sweat the laser. Once you climb up, head to your left and climb up the ladder and head right, then left towards the back of the shop. Take out the drone and hop over the ledge, continuing along the path where you'll have to duck under some ducts, and into a small room overlooking the main garage.

Head through the door, and down the stairs, then quickly sprint across the garage and up the stairs to your left. You'll reach a broken section, but in the corner near the stairs you'll see some piping. Hop on there, and then climb up and over to some more piping and into a small duct. Climb through and you'll find yourself above the control room, where you can drop through a window and move on to the next objective.


Once you get to the control room, you're offered three options. Johnny, as always, has his opinions about each but ultimately it's up to you. Destroy the core, reset the core and Delamain himself, or merge the AI's together? Here's what happens for each:

  • Destroy the Core: Destroying Delamain's core will destroy the original Delamain and free the split personalities that you met during the Epistrophy quest detailed above, making Johnny quite happy. You'll watch them skrrt skrrt out of the Delamain building to freedom, but find that one vehicle has been left behind. It beckons you to climb in, then explains that it is an AI by the name of Excelsior, the program that saved your life at the start of the game. This taxi becomes yours to keep and is added to your stash. Also, the different Delamain personalities will send you messages from time to time, ranging from cryptic to goofy.
  • Reset The Core: Resetting the core will factory reset the primary Delamain personality, as well as all of the split personalities that you met during the Epistrophy Gig above and making Johnny a little pissed off. All of the cars in the garage and bots in the facility will cease hostilities, and Delamain will inform you that you can keep one of the Taxi's for your own. The car doesn't have its own personality, but from time to time, Delamain himself will chat with you while you drive.
  • Hack The Core and merge all of the Delamain personalities (Requires 10 intelligence): You'll merge all the Delamain AIs together into a new intelligence, who then ascends and leaves Night City, but then leaves behind its “first true child.” Johnny really likes this option too. That "child" is a Delamain taxi like the previous two options, but in your travels he'll comment on your goings on like a true companion. Plus it's basically Delamain himself, but no longer restricted by company jargon and rigidity.
Excelsior Car Cyberpunk
Stan Lee Reference Perhaps?

Compared to choices like Dex or Evelyn, or Maelstrom or Militech, this choice still doesn't have a huge impact on the overall story but does have a more lasting impact in the form of a car at your disposal with a bit of personality.


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