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Cyberpunk 2077

With a powerful lock breaker up for grabs, it makes sense that Cyberpunk 2077's Greed Never Pays gig leads you down some treacherous routes. Perhaps the most treacherous of all is how to navigate Leah's apartment. Here's how to complete this mysterious gig. 

With the right amount of street cred and a quick trip down to Westbrook, you should get a call from our old friend Wakako Okada. She informs you of that oh so mysterious lock breaker and tasks you with getting it back. Starting off, the gig is more or less an A to B mission. Just follow the trail until you end up at Leah Gladen's Apartment. 

Cyberpunk 2077 - Making your way into Leah's apartment 

Cyberpunk 2077
Nice Apartment you have here

There are a few key ways of making your way through this mission. We'll take them one by one and you can choose what is right for you depending on your build. 

The first is going in loud and aggressive. Kill everyone who looks at you wrong and steal the receptionist's key. The key will be located on their desk and you can just head up the stairs to Leah's door. The key from next to the receptionist will open the door to Leah's floor but not their apartment. 

The second option is to do it stealthily. Sneak past the receptionist and take the elevator up, bypassing the need for their key. To do so, you need to hack it which can be done from afar. There are a few bad guys inside so make sure to scout them out first. 

The third way is by going around the building and climbing the scaffolding. Leah's apartment can be accessed from a window which you can hack into opening. This is the easiest way of getting into the building as it doesn't require a gunfight and Leah's door requires a Technical Ability of 5 to open. 

Opening Leah's Secret Room

Cyberpunk 2077
Open sesame

As you walk into their bedroom, you should spot a vending machine with scratch marks on the bottom. This should indicate what it has been used for. Ping it or any surrounding tech and lines will start to appear. They will point back into the starting room—near a table—where you can find a nice glowing red button. Click that button and the vending machine will move, showing the secret room behind it. 

Open their emails and click through on the second one entitled "skeleton key" to receive new information and a whole new location. 

Cyberpunk 2077
Push the button

This will send you down to Wired Head, a braindance club. Be warned, every person here is hostile, so going in might require a quick health top-up. You can do this entire thing in stealth mode, but enemies are roaming in groups so it may be a little easier to go all guns blazing. 

Methodically make your way through and take everyone out before searching around. The lock breaker will be located in one of the back rooms (as indicated in the picture) where you will get a short conversation form Johnny and will be free to cash it in. 

Cyberpunk 2077
What's in the box?!

That's all you have to do to solve this gig. If you're stuck on anything else, check out all the guides we have below.

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