Cyberpunk 2077 Sinnerman Gig Guide - Should You Exploit The Prisoner?

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Cyberpunk 2077 has been a surprisingly enthralling action RPG. In spite of all of the controversy around its release, it contains a steady stream of interesting and thought-provoking side missions.

Take for example the seemingly straightforward gig titled, “Sinnerman.” This gig is given to you by Wakako Okada and is framed as a simple hit job. You are hired by some guy to kill another guy who murdered his wife but somehow managed to get out of a prison sentence.

This guide is here to take you through the steps on completing the gig, and subsequent job if you make the right choices.

Cyberpunk 2077 – The Beginning of Sinnerman

Once you accept the hit from Wakako you will meet the guy who wants to get the job done, Bill Joblonsky. After some exposition from him about his situation, you'll enter into a car chase to hit your target, Stephenson, as he's being escorted from prison to some other location. It is at this point that you and Bill will come up against the transport and its armored escorts.

Here there are two options. The first is to help Bill shoot up the car and hit the target. Bill will get shot in the head no matter what choice you make, but once Stephenson is dead, Wakako will wire you the money for the job. But doing this locks you out of a far more interesting storyline.

Stephenson sitting at a table hands closed in prayer
The path to forgiveness is a hard one

Cyberpunk 2077 – Continuing “A Light That Never Goes Out.”

If you chose not to immediately fire, Stephenson will ask you to join him in the escort car. Better yet, he says he'll be willing to pay whatever it is Wakako offered you to kill him. Get in the car and accept his offer. This continues the storyline in a quest titled, “A Light That Never Goes Out.”

From here, you'll be given some dialogue options with Stephenson. Click through these options throughout the car ride and you'll find out that Stephenson found religion while in prison and became a born again Christian. He continues to say that he was expecting someone like you to arrive on this day.

Eventually the car ride ends with you entering the home of a woman Stephenson had been corresponding with and you are invited inside. From here you get some introspective dialogue choices on faith and God, with some comprehensive options for believers, athiests, and agnostics alike. During these discussions you discover that Stephenson's sentence was stopped because he is taking part in a braindance production – Cyberpunk's version of a fully immersive film, of him preaching the gospel before being executed by the state. In other words, he is participating in a filmed crucifixion.

After a bit more dialogue, you are taken to a restaurant to get some food. Before you go in however, you are stopped by the braindance's producer. She asks you to stop asking serious questions to Stephenson about his beliefs and intentions since she's worried it will ruin the overall quality of the production. Better yet, she's willing to bribe you to just shut up and walk away, allowing Stephenson to continue his borderline blasphemous path of martyrdom.

A corporate businesswoman leaning into a car facing the camera
Pretty sure there's something in the Bible about this....

Cyberpunk 2077 – Who Do You Support?

Which leads to the quest's big moral conundrum.

Accept The Bribe: You take the businesswoman's bribe and leave the restaurant. Eventually, Stephenson will be executed on TV and you'll get some eddies in your account. Johnny Silverhand will call you a sellout.

Demand Even More Money For the Bribe: You can only choose this option if you have the Corpo lifepath. It's the same as the first decision, except the woman will triple the payout. Johnny Silverhand will call you even more of a sellout.

Refuse The Bribe: You stick to your moral principles and continue into the restaurant to talk to Stephenson. Eventually the theological discussion will aggravate the businesswoman and the group will storm off. Thankfully you are still paid as Stephenson promised you.

Once you make these decisions, the storyline continues in one last mission titled "They Won't Go When I Go," which is the scene of Stephenson's execution. After a few more dialogue options and Stephenson's execution, the business woman will pay you after either chewing you out for ruining the BD or praising your professionalism.

Business woman leaning aggressively into the camera, a restaurant is in the background
You can't put a price on morality.

The decision isn't just a matter of which one pays more; it is an honest ethical dilemma. Better still, it's a dilemma that Johnny Silverhand will have some strong opinions about if you chose one or the other. Chose to accept the bribe and he'll call you a sellout. Stick to your principles and Johnny will approve.

It's one of the rare minor branching questlines that actually has something to say about religion and faith in the futuristic world of Night City. How even well meaning selflessness can be packaged by companies for mass market appeal, and the inherent moral issues that come from enabling or refuting such a system.

Either way, we won't judge what choice you decide upon. On the one hand, you'll get some extra eddies to spend on a new car or outfit. On the other, you get to have some interesting debate about the soul and the afterlife from the star of John Wick.

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