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V holding the Cheetah Iconic Power Pistol from the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out side story

Want to help a boxer beat his past? Want to know what you'll get out of it? This is our Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out guide.

A boxing match with Aaron and Will, surrounded by fans from the Cyberpuk 2077 Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out side story.
Bet on the guy, you won't regret it.

Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out Guide – Starting The Mission

Shortly after you enter Dogtown, you'll get a message from Coach Fred. He'll ask you to help out a boxer friend of his named Aaron. It is unclear if you need to finish his boxing side mission first before this will become available.

Head to the quest marker and you'll come across a boxing match involving Aaron. If you talk to the guy coordinating the fight, you can bet some money on Aaron. I suggest you do so. It isn't a large sum; you get 125 for betting 100. But it does show Aaron's potential as a boxer.

Speak to Aaron after the fight and he'll ask you for a favor. Long story short, he was part of a gang who used an implant in his skull to force him to throw fights.

Since Aaron's next big fight is against a former heavyweight champion, he doesn't want anything to hold him back.

Agree to help and you will infiltrate a stronghold with Aaron to reach his ripperdoc friend, Damir. No matter how you approach this stronghold, it will end with you confronting Damir.

Angie standing in a ripperdoc clinic, Aaron is in the background under the knife, as seen in the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out side story
Slap the leash back on or give him a future. The choice is yours.

Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out Guide – Money or Values?

Once Damir puts Aaron under, members of his gang will break into the room.

One of them, Angie, makes you an offer. Walk away and let them force Aaron to throw the match. Or you kill them and let Aaron have an honest shot at a title.

Work With Angie - No Easy Way Out

If you choose to work with Angie, you are allowed to leave the hideout. After about three days you'll get a text from her saying the match is over.

Visit her back at the boxing arena and she'll give you your cut: 10,000 eddies.

Job's done, and you have contacts now with Aaron's gang. And all it cost was one man's desire to escape his past.

Angie's dead body, a loot screen showing the Cheetah power pistol from the Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty No Easy Way Out side story.
Sorry, you keep what you kill.

Refuse Angie - No Easy Way Out

Unfortunately, the other path isn't much better. Refuse Angie's offer, and you'll trigger a gunfight with her and her men. Once you've killed her, you can take her iconic Cheetah pistol off her body. Afterwards, you can see Aaron off and leave.

After about three days you'll hear from Aaron that he lost the match and that he wants to meet you at a restaurant. Once you reach the restaurant, Aaron is nowhere to be found. The waiter mentions that two men took him into an alley.

Head into the alley and you'll find Aaron's body. Well, at least you got a decent iconic weapon out of the deal, the Iconic Cheetah Power Pistol.

Cyberpunk 2077 No Easy Way Out Reward – The Iconic Cheetah Power Pistol

If you think this mission's downer ending is worth a fancy new weapon, the Cheetah pistol does have some benefits.

Overall, the Cheetah is best used as a short-ranged weapon. The closer you are to your target, the higher chance of both crit damage and bleeding. On top of that, shots to the torso deal more damage.

In other words, hipfiring up close with human enemies will turn them to mincemeat. It's not as devastating as a shotgun blast, but if you're specced more into using blades and want to capitalize on bleed, this fits the build just fine.

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