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V's Apartment in the daytime.

As those who play Cyberpunk 2077 can attest, life can be tough in Night City. If you aren't worried about getting beaten up on the way to work, you're probably the one doing the beating. But there are moments of humanity and empathy sprinkled throughout the world CD Project Red have created, and one of those early examples can be seen in the side mission titled “Happy Together.” There are multiple endings to this mission, so we're here to help you out.

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Here is where things start.

Cyberpunk 2077 - Starting "Happy Together"

Chances are you'll stumble onto this side mission by accident or breeze past it depending on how you play. Once you enter Act 2 of the main story's critical path, you'll start in V's apartment. The side mission will be triggered as you leave your apartment building.

If you go out the front door and descend the staircase, you'll see two NCPD officers knocking on a door of an apartment building, asking for the resident to open up. Stick around and listen. Eventually, their dialogue will end and they'll move away from the door. Speak to the officers and you'll find out the resident in the building is a cop who quit the force after seeing some messed up stuff. The officers were his co-workers.

After a bit of dialogue, they'll ask you to check in on the officer, Barry, since you're neighbors. Once you agree, knock on Barry's door and try to engage in conversation. He won't open the door at first, so don't worry if nothing happens. After that, wait about 2-3 hours in-game to knock on Barry's door again. You can skip time in the pause menu if you're in a rush.

The second time around, Barry will open up and dialogue will begin. Don't worry too much about the first handful of dialogue prompts.

After this is where your decisions will lead to either the good or bad ending of the mission.

Cyberpunk 2077 – "Happy Together" Bad Ending

Eventually, Barry will let you inside his apartment. Once there, he'll start to open up about what happened. Select the dialogue options as you see fit. After a while, Barry will let you go. Go outside and speak to the officers and let them know what's going on. They'll wire you some eddies and you'll gain a bit of experience for your troubles.

You'll get another prompt after this to talk to Barry again. Skip ahead another 2-3 hours and return to the apartment to find out that Barry had committed suicide and his co-workers are completely devastated.

A funeral wall with text on it
Somehow this is worse in context.

Cyberpunk 2077 “Happy Together” - How to Find Andrew's Niche

Alright, now for the better outcome of this side mission. Once inside Barry's apartment, select all of the optional dialogue options. These options should be colored blue. These will make Barry open up a lot more about his situation. Eventually he'll comment on a friend of his named Andrew that was always by his side and where they were buried.

Once you've exhausted all the blue options and leave the apartment, you should be given an optional objective that says, "Find Andrew's Niche." You'll have to go out to the Columbarium to examine the grave site. Do this immediately. If you're having trouble finding the niche, you can use your hacker vision to scan for it.

Once you've found the grave marker, a bit of dialogue will pop up between you and Johnny Silverhand. There are no bad options here, so feel free to roleplay. Once you've done all of this, return to the apartment building and mention the gravesite to the officers. If done correctly, they'll understand how serious Barry's depression and living situation really is. After wiring you some eddies and gaining some experience points, the officers will knock on Barry's apartment door again, but sympathize a lot more. Eventually, Barry will open the door and let them in.

Overall, how “Happy Together” ends doesn't matter too much in terms of direct gameplay rewards. Either way you get some cash and exp for your troubles. But in terms of roleplaying and interactive storytelling goes, this side mission does dive into some heavy topics like death, depression, and PTSD. If you love some good old fashioned catharsis and human empathy, the best ending is the one where Barry lives.

It's a minor side mission, easily missed if you're just going from quest marker to quest marker, but make the time for this one. I kept this guide a little vague on the wording on purpose since Barry's particular situation must be appreciated as its own thing.

Stay empathetic out there, Samurai. Don't let Night City file you down.

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