Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Pokemon Evolution Guide

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A Cetitan walking up a snowy hill in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is now out and available to play. New and old fans of the franchise can explore Paldea, a new region for Generation 8 of Pokemon. With a new region comes all kinds of brand new Pokemon, but with new Pokemon also comes a variety of new ways for Pokemon to evolve. In this Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Pokemon Evolution Guide, we'll cover some of the new and unique ways that these Pokemon will evolve.

As we continue to explore Paldea and encounter the new Pokemon we'll be sure to keep updating this list as much as we can. If a Pokemon isn't mentioned in this list as having an evolution that's unique then chances are all you need to do is keep leveling it up.


How to evolve Pawmo?

The Electric Fighting pokemon Pawmo is the rodent of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. To evolve Pawmi into Pawmo is a simple matter of leveling it up, but to evolve Pawmo to Pawmot you must let the Pawmo walk with you in Let's Go mode (By pressing ZR on your controller) and walk a certain number of steps. If you hop on Miraidon or Koraidon and run in circles for 2-3 minutes and then level up Pawmo that should be enough to evolve it.


How to evolve Primeape?

The first brand-new Pokemon to be added to a previously established line is Primeape evolving into Annihilape. This Fighting Ghost Pokemon also comes with it a truly unique evolution method. At Level 35 Primeape gains access to the attack Rage Fist. 

Rage Fist is a special attack that deals more damage the more Primeape has been hit in battle.

You need to use Rage Fist 20 times and then have Primeape go up a level and it will evolve into Annihilape.


How to evolve Charcadet?

Charcadet is our first split evolution, if you're playing Pokemon Scarlet your Charcadet will evolve into Armarouge and if you're playing Pokemon Violet your Charcadet will evolve into Ceruledge. Evolving Charcadet requires you to give it a special item.

To obtain the item required to evolve Charcadet you must follow these steps:

  1. In Scarlet defeat Bronzor until you're able to obtain 10 Bronzor Fragments, In Violet defeat Sinistea until you're able to obtain 10 of their drops
  2. Travel to Zapapico Village and talk to the man next to the fountain, he's just North of the Pokemon Battle Arena
  3. Trade him the collected items for the Auspicious Armor (Scarlet) or Malicious Armor (Violet)
  4. Use the Auspicious Armor/Malicious Armor on Charcadet and it will evolve

Charcadet from Pokemon Violet

How to evolve Tadbulb?

In order to evolve Tadbulb into Bellibolt you need to use a Thunder Stone on it. Thunder Stones, as well as other evolutionary items, can be purchased at the Delibird Exchange.


How to evolve Dunsparce?

That's right, the strange Land Snake Pokemon from Johto is not only back, but it can now evolve into Dudunsparce. In order to evolve Dunsparce you need to level it up while it knows the move Hyper Drill.


How to evolve Girafarig?

The totally not difficult-to-pronounce Pokemon Girafarig is now able to evolve into another totally not difficult-to-pronounce Pokemon Firagiraf.

To evolve Girafarig you need to level it up to Level 32 when it learns the move Twin Beam and teach it to it. Once it knows Twin Beam it should evolve immediately.


How to evolve Bisharp?

Locate Bisharp that have the hold item Leader's Crest and defeat them. You'll be able to identify these types of Bisharp as they'll always be spawned in with a group of Pawniard around them. Once your Bisharp has defeated at least three of these Leader Bisharp you just need to level it up to get Kingambit.


How to evolve Dunsparce?

To evolve Dunsparce into Dudunsparce you must have it level up while it knows the move Hyper Drill. It will learn the move Hyper Drill at level 32. Interestingly enough not ALL Dudunsparce are the same. There's a 1 in 25 chance that the Dudunsparce that you obtain will have three segments instead of the regular two.


How to evolve Bramblin?

Bramblin, the tumbleweed Pokemon, has an evolution method that you'd likely expect of a tumbleweed. Let your Bramblin walk with you by using the Let's Go feature (pressing ZR on your controller) and walk around in a circle for 5-10 minutes and then level it up.
Note: Bramblin walks pretty slowly so you won't be able to ride Koraidon or Miraidon while doing this or Bramblin will just return to it's Poke Ball.


How to evolve Capsakid?

Capsakid evolved into its upgraded form, Scovillain with the assistance of a Fire Stone. Fire Stones, as well as other evolutionary items, can be purchased at the Delibird Exchange.


How to evolve Finizen?

The new Dolphin Pokemon Finizen can be found all across Paldea but getting it to evolve is a bit trickier. In order to have Finizen evolve you must first get it to level 38 and then level it up once more while a friend is nearby in local multiplayer.


How to evolve Rellor?

The dung beetle pokemon Rellor evolves into Rabsca by spending time walking with it and then leveling it up. Let your Rellor walk with you by using the Let's Go feature (pressing ZR on your controller) and walk around in a circle for 5-10 minutes and then level it up.


How to evolve Cetoddle?

Cetoddle, the adorable but massive ice whale, is a Pokemon you'll encounter later in the game as you make it to the snowy mountain in the North of Paldea. Cetoddle has a simple evolution method of requiring an Ice Stone in order to evolve into Cetitan. Ice Stones, as well as other evolutionary items, can be purchased at the Delibird Exchange.


How to evolve Gimmighoul?

One of the newer Pokemon that we learned about in the lead up to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet was Gimmighoul, the chest mimic. In order to evolve Gimmighoul you need to have 999x Gimmighoul Coins in your inventory, and then level up a Gimmighoul Chest Form that you have in your party.


How do I find Gimmighoul Coins?

There are two different ways that you can increase your Gimmighoul Coin count. The first way is to find Gimmighoul Roaming Form in the wild, otherwise you should be on the lookout for Gimmighoul Chest forms. 

The location of Gimmieghoul Coins in your inventory

Gimmighoul Roaming Form

These Pokemon are quite small but gather next to manmade objects, structures, or even on rocks and in nooks in the overworld. While it can be difficult to spot them you'll always hear their cry as you get near them. Make sure your volume is turned up so you have a better chance of tracking them down. At the moment it is impossible to catch Gimmighoul in their roaming form but in 2023 there will be a way to connect with Pokemon Go and catch it.

Each Gimmighoul Roaming Form you interact with will earn you between 1-5 Gimmighoul Coins.


Gimmighoul Chest Form

This is the Gimmighoul form that you'll be able to catch in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They never run away from you and present in the overworld as a standard chest, initiating battle when you interact with them. Gimmighoul Chest Form can be encountered across Paldea in a number of places but most commonly you'll find them:

  • Up Watchtowers
  • In small city lanes and dead ends
  • In ruins

Each Gimmighoul Chest Form you interact with will earn you between 40-60 Gimmighoul Coins in increments of 10 coins.



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